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7 Best Westside Yoga Studios in Los Angeles

Yoga is my answer to everything! When I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I know I need to hit the mat. When I’m not feeling too good and need a pick me up or need to clear my head, I head over to one of my favorite studios. So if you’re looking to try a new place to practice, try out one of my favorite Westside yoga studios in Los Angeles!


Find your zen at Camp LA, a new Santa Monica multi-disciplinary fitness and yoga studio that every LA girl needs to try out. CAMP was started by co-founders Jen Azzarelli and Jamie Lanza who share a passion for healthy lifestyles and creative outlets and follows through with that mentality in workouts. By the end of a Camp LA session, you’ll feel empowered like a kid at camp again. With circuit, sculpt, yoga, stations, and mat pilates workouts, there’s something for everyone. Plus, we couldn’t of thought of a better place to celebrate International Day of Yoga.

CorePower Yoga

I live right across the street from their Brentwood Studio on Wilshire, so it’s pretty convenient for me to practice here. This is hot yoga studio, so make sure you’re prepared with enough water and a towel. The space is inspired by modern urban life and green design, don’t forget to check out their retail boutique featuring activewear!

Laughing Frog

Laughing Frog offers many various styles of yoga such as Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and Yoga with live music! And just as their name suggests, they strive to put a smile on your face and build a community on and off the mat!

Yoga Hop

YogaHop encompasses the new “American Yin-Yang!” No more boring “om’s” but rather a twist with hip-hop, rock and pop blasting from the speakers! It’s an all-out dance party where the West meets the East!


AZIAM Yoga hopes to guide you on your path to self-realization with the philosophy of Dharma. Try out their YogaBarre, or other unique classes like HypnoYoga, The One Day Detox or Mindful Mini’s!

Yoga Works

YogaWorks’ philosophy is that yoga is for everyone, so bring the gang! They feature family-focused classes, integrated fitness, slower and faster flows and a “yoga education.” They also offer various workshops and retreats.

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Create Yoga

Whether you’re looking to break a sweat or slow down and relax, Create Yoga has what you’re looking for with classes based on sweat levels. They host events like sounds baths, rooftop yoga pool parties, craft and social nights, movie nights and more!

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