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11 Free Workouts in LA + Ways to Get Fit Without Spending a Dime

Free Workouts in LA

If you’re like us, you’re starting 2017 by owning those resolutions and keeping up with your fitness routine. But those barre and spin classes can seriously add up. No money? No problem. Here are 11 free workouts in LA that you can try!

Santa Monica Stairs

You’ve surely heard of the Santa Monica Stairs. These busy steps of 369 steps (170 wooden and 199 concrete) are perfect for upping your cardio game. I say busy because they are often incredibly crowded with fitness fanatics from far and wide. You’ll not only find runners here, but jump ropers, stretchers and push-uppers who do sets in between climbs. If the scene is a tad busy, try the secret La Mesa stairs. Located right between 404 and 410. You’ll get just as good of a workout but with much less people.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

You probably know about the Baldwin Hills Overlook by its legendary views. But did you know you can also get quite the impressive workout? Here you’ll find 282 steep, concrete stairs as well as various hiking trails at the top of the climb. Finish it off with a windy, paved driveway to walk or jog down. Much like Santa Monica, you’ll find that weekends and days after work are the busiest time to visit. Try to go early in the morning to during the weekdays if you can.

Pan Pacific Park

The possibilities here are endless! You can run the ¾ mile path, use the grassy space for sports of even hit the pool! It has everything you need and an absolutely amazing location as it’s right next to the Grove. Many people come here to relax for picnics or walk with dogs, so if you’re a hardcore athlete you might want to head elsewhere. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find so many diverse training options in one setting!

Santa Monica Beach

Want to work on your upper body? Maybe you want a little resistance training during your run? Then the Santa Monica Beach is the perfect place! Known as the original Muscle Beach, this beach has a playground perfect for body-builders. Work on your biceps, triceps, back and shoulders with the parallel bars, rings and uneven bars provided. When you’re done, enjoy the scene and run along the beach. You’ll notice the sand will give you a workout unlike any other!

Clover Park

Another fitness-friendly park found on the Westside is Clover Park. Here you will find a rope climb, balance beam, vault bar, horizontal ladder, push up, dip, chin up, stretching stations and more! In addition to your standard workouts you will also find fields to play softball, baseball and soccer, tennis and volleyball courts and several playgrounds. It’s got just about anything an athlete could ever want.

Balboa Park

Angelenos located in the valley rejoice, for there’s a great workout option located not too far from you. Start your routine with a run on the two-mile, flat trail around the Encino Golf Course where you’ll be treated to cozy neighborhood views. At the east end of the path, there are ten mechanical fitness machines, including a rowing machine, seated chest and leg presses and a cardio walker. Perfect for an all over workout! You may find a lot of families enjoying the park, but the fitness-centered part of the park isn’t very crowded at all. Just beware of coyotes that frequent this part of San Fernando Valley.

Silver Lake Reservoir

If you’re just in it for a solid run without the additional bodybuilding, you’ve got to check out this place! The Silver Lake Reservoir is 2.2 miles long and incredibly scenic, making it one of the best running spots in the city. This place isn’t overly crowded except for the locals enjoying the scene.

Take a Hike

One of the greatest things about LA is all of the natural beauty in and within the county! Not only are you able to enjoy the view, but you can get a workout at the same time! Hikes really focus on your legs, your glutes and your core (which is what many of the places above lack in routine). Many of these hiking trails are incredibly popular and therefore crowded so try to stop by during the week or before 10 am. Some popular hiking trails include Temescal Canyon Loop, Griffith Park, The Hollywood Sign Hike, Franklin Canyon Park, Mandeville Canyon Fire Road, Zuma Canyon, and Solstice Canyon.

Athletic Apparel Companies (like Athleta or Lululemon)

Fitness classes are all about helping their community. So much so that they often host weekly workouts in or around their studios! These classes vary from meditation to yoga to crossfit so make sure to check your local store to see what they offer. The best part is that all the money saved on the workout leads you to shop and spend a little more at the store!

Donation-Based Yoga

Speaking of community, then you know yoga is all about sharing the love. It’s quite common to find free yoga classes that suggest payment in the form of donations, so if you can’t pay at all, it’s totally okay! (Just maybe try to donate every other week to avoid some sideways glances). Some of these yoga studios include: Runyon Canyon Park, Santa Monica Power Yoga, Bronson Canyon Yoga, Yogala Echo Park, The Hub, and Bikram Yoga Silver Lake.

Club Hopping

If you’re interested in trendy workouts, weights and fitness routines you can’t find in nature, you’ll need to do your homework. Most gyms, classes and courses offer free classes to new members. I list this last as it’s certainly not the most honest way to get your workout, but it certainly is free! Simply look up your favorite fitness classes and see who offers free sessions! Most gyms offer discounts these days, but if you search you’ll definitely find some!