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Meet Erika De La Cruz, Best Selling Author, Mental Health Advocate & Editor in Chief

Erika De La Cruz - Co-founder and Author of Passionistas

When I first met Erika De La Cruz , I could not imagine how one had so much energy. She’s such a bright light and exudes positivity in everything. Whenever we chat, I can’t help but feel encouraged and inspired. I’m so lucky to have met Erika because through her, I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a best-selling author. I can’t wait for you to know more about her!

Erika De La Cruz is the co-founder and author of Amazon #1 best-selling book: Passionistas, Tips Tales & Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams. She is an Inspirational Speaker and content creator, helping passionistas everywhere gain personal power over their lives!

Erika developed a performance & mindset coaching program called the Boss-Babe Blueprint, which aims to improve the human experience. Erika has worked with brands such as The Mental Health Coalition, American Airlines, DKNY & more. Her brand features already empowered women ->empowering humanity through her social platforms, annual Vision Board Party & writing.

Erika was recently highlightes 2022 Flaunt’s Breaking Barriers feature- lending to her work to redefine Latina Stereotypes in the United States.

Tell us about yourself in a tweet.

#Goodjuju, Author & Passionista. Here on earth to have humans see themselves from their most empowered perspectives.

What’s your favorite thing about LA?

Definitely the LA chic “hustle.” I feel that LA is filled with people wanting more for their lives than the circumstances they were given, which is what my life and brand is all about.

I see futures being created all around me here and so much courage! I always wonder what it would be like if a majority of the world said “YES” to pursuing their ultimate dreams and desires and I think LA is a tiny microcosm of what that would look like! 

Erika De La Cruz

What is your favorite LA neighborhood? 

WEHO! I love West Hollywood. I feel that the pace is un-matched anywhere else in the city. I do live there, so maybe I’m a bit bias, but the streets are alive with the latest openings and events- there is always something to do! Oddly enough, I don’t always take advantage of that like I should, but I take humorous comfort in knowing if I “REALLY” wanted to, I could just walk out my front door. Haha.

What has been your favorite LA experience?

Definitely having my dad visit! He is from a very small town and sometimes I forget that we in LA, live in the midst of so many tourist-type attractions and places watched daily on television. So, taking him with me to work (that weekend, a red carpet for the CW) was unbelievable. He got to take pictures and experience a night out, while I re-experienced gratitude for the city and my field.

Erika De La Cruz

Tell us about what you do and WHY you do what you do. 

I run a personal brand- and the heart of that brand is to spread a message empowering #Passionistas, #Bossbabes, #Girlbosses and anyone else wanting to pursue their dreams to take the leap! I like to say I’m my “best-self” for a living.

I’m a television host, author, speaker and coach and all of my channels are designed to get people maximizing their fullest human-potential, I mean- to REALLY say yes to pursuing what they are passionate about. I’m a “happiness” expert.

Besides your business, what are your other passions? 

I LOVE dancing, I think it’s such a great way to let loose, exercise and access your “divine feminine” in a way that unlocks creativity. I also love writing and film. I write all of my content/theory and often can “geek” out with screen writer and film festival friends for HOURS.

Erika De La Cruz

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do in LA, but haven’t done yet? 

I’ve always wanted to attend a Paley Center event! I’ve been a part of the community for some time and as an organization, they’re right on the pulse of Media and Television. I think it’d be great to check out one of their exhibits. I need to align my schedule to make this summer happen! It’s a promise, Paley Center for Media!

What inspired you to start your business? 

I’d say I really think of my business as an evolved life-style and what inspired me to begin was watching other presenters and personalities turn their names and favorite passions into a revenue-generating business that actually influenced and helped their audiences!

The prominent self-development & coaching part of my brand came directly from my experience over-coming a family hardship when I was 19 years old. I essentially returned home from my first year of college to find my home foreclosed and my family split and gone.

I was rendered homeless and had the task of figuring out life on the spot and how to get back to college. Pure magic grew from that set-back, even the painful portion of it. You can read more about that in the Passionistas Book. Essentially I adopted a habit of striving to be my “best self” and create my future fearlessly, later, I dove into research, practices and programs to identify how exactly I over-came the tricks of the mind to expand into the career I chose and created freely, rather than being “stopped” by the state of finances/family or any other excuses we as humans tend to play on “repeat.”

I adopted this philosophy as truth and continue to witness the results! It really inspired me to become a vessel of inspiration to help others do the same.

What is your advice for people who are starting their business now? Is it too late? 

NO! It is literally NEVER too late and I’d also add, it will almost never look the way you’ve planned it. Sometimes, other opportunities like partnerships or avenues open that contribute to the bottom line “idea” you’re trying to create, so listen and look for those openings.

Once you say “yes” to pursuing what you know you’re put on this planet to do, the world, your atmosphere, your relationships- will all evolve to match the decision if you let them. It’s exactly like tuning a radio dial into the right frequency- if you’re looking for pop music, don’t tune your dial to the county station, tune it to the POP STATION! It’s the only frequency that can deliver you the music you’re looking for. Does that make sense? I’m diving into theory a little bit, but if you grasp it, it’s life-changing.

Did you have a mentor or someone you looked/look up to? How have they played a role in your success? 

As far as television, I really admire The Insider’s incredible front woman, Keltie Knight. She really gave me the silent permission I needed to be authentic. She owns who she is, instead of joining the status quo of millions. We’ve now met a few times, which was really surreal. I’ll also be asking her to keyote my branded Boss Babe event this summer! (Maybe I’ll use this interview as her formal invitation, how could she say no!) Haha: Keltie- Passion to Paycheck, this summer, we want YOU!

And as far as mentors on the personal development side, yes, the incredible Kyle Wilson, who was Jim Rohn’s (Mentor to Tony Robbins & the original “Inspirational Speaker”)18 year business partner. He has been a close friend and mentor to me so prominently in the pursuit of speaking and helping others- I’m so proud to say he’s actually my business partner and co-founder/publisher of our book Passionistas, Tips Tales & Tweetables from Women Pursuing their Dreams, that just hit the Amazon, #1 best-seller list. So yes- dreams do come true! Go meet your mentors!

What was something you would wished you had done differently in your business? 

Well, I really believe that the exact path you’ve taken is the exact path that was carved for you. However, I definitely would have been more “public” about my brand, in terms of my teaching and videos.

For the longest time, I let fear of judgement and questions like “will they laugh” and “am I doing it right” prevent me from speaking up! It was the most freeing thing when I just started sharing my message PUBLICLY!

What’s next for you? 

I’m incredibly excited about an event I’m co-producing called Passion to Paycheck, which will be an afternoon panel series featuring Media and Television personalities who get to be themselves for a living, as well as some incredible execs!

And a Boss-Babe Bootcamp coming this summer as well- for anyone who wants to take their life to new heights! The best way to stay in the loop is to join the Passionista Insider Community.

Learn more about Erika De La Cruz on her website, or follow her on  Instagram.