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5 Must-See Rainbow Foods in Los Angeles You Have to Eat Right Now

5 Must-See Rainbow Foods in Los Angeles You Have to Eat Right Now

Calling all rainbow lovers and foodies! If your heart rate spikes when you see “Instagrams” of colorful cupcakes and donuts, take a deep breath cause you’re about to get excited. We’ve found five must-see rainbow foods in Los Angeles that rainbow lovers and foodies must try right now.

Chomp Eatery’s Rainbow Grilled Cheese 

You know that warm feeling you get when pulling apart a grilled cheese to see it’s gooey goodness? Well, imagine pulling it apart and seeing a flavorful rainbow. Have you ever seen this before? I bet you haven’t! Chomp Eatery gets major originality points for this colorful masterpiece.

Bagels & Brew’s Rainbow Bagel 

Rainbow bagels have been all the rage in NYC but in LA are rare to find. Luckily, Bagels & Brew hopped onto this East Coast trend and I’m not mad about it. Not only do they have a classic rainbow bagel but they have a variety  of colors and even a Christmas themed bagel. So cute!

BBCM Cafe’s Rainbow Latte 

This latte is a psychedelic masterpiece. Whoever makes this rainbow swirling latte might as well be the next Picasso. It gets even better when you taste it. Every color is flavored and this latte melts in your mouth – exquisite! Thank you BBCM Cafe!


DK’S Donuts Mermaid Cannoli 

Swirled inside a shell like sugary cone lies a creamy rainbow. DK’s Donuts is a go to for colorful innovative desserts so it’s no surprise they hopped on the rainbow train with their mermaid cannoli! They also came out with a Pride rainbow donut – only this month so get there ASAP!


Caked LA’s Unicorn Milkshake 

Their milkshakes actually look like Unicorns… So adorable! Caked LA is very unique with their drink concoctions. They even have a drink with a donut on top of a milkshake… Need I say more?

Are you drooling yet? Which rainbow food will you try next? There’s something to be said about the saying “if it looks good, it tastes good”. Fill your life with beauty and your tummy too!

Check out our video below and share with a friend to chase the rainbows with.

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