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5 Incredible Reasons to See the Painted Stairways of Los Angeles

Painted Stairways - Fluid City Rising Mural

Hidden in the hills of Silver Lake are sets of intricately painted stairs by local street artists. By taking the “SoCal Stair Climbers” tour you will be led through 6 miles of beautiful neighborhoods and stunning street art. If you are a LA local, are in good shape and love art and adventure this Urban Hike is for you! Here are 5 reasons to go see the painted stairways of Los Angeles right now.

You will get an epic workout

Six miles will go by and you won’t even notice. Each staircase is so intricate and beautiful that you will get excited to make the climb every time. Stair climbing is a great way to strengthen your core and tighten your booty.

It’s a hidden gem

Not many people have climbed these amazing stairs. So many Insta opportunities await! The colors are vibrant and welcome selfies galore. You’ll probably be a trendsetter and see friends following in your footsteps… Literally.

Painted Stairways Evelyn Leigh

It won’t be there forever

The magic of street art is called “wabi sabi” or impermanent art. Rain, graffiti and repaints will cover the painted stairways – so get there before the magic fades away!

It’s a great bonding experience

Invite friends, coworkers, dates… There’s nothing that bonds people together more than long walks up the stairs and stunning art. The conversation will flow and you will be glistening with sweat and inspiration. So worth it!

You will get inspired

Have you ever left an art gallery without inspiration. I think not! Street art is meant to challenge your mind, raise your spirits and tell a story. If the fresh air and glory of Silver Lake doesn’t boost your endorphins, the vibrant colors and inspirational graphics on these painted stairways will.

Watch our video to see the painted stairways IRL.


Don’t know how to get started? Click this link to join a guided tour. We’ve partnered with SoCal Stairclimbers and they lead tours every Saturday.