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5 Purrfect Reasons to Visit the LA Cat Cafe: Crumbs & Whiskers

Calling all cat and coffee obsessed! Have you heard about LA’s Cat Cafe?! Crumbs & Whiskers is located in Beverly Hills and is a cat & coffee lover’s heaven. The founder Kanchan created Crumbs & Whiskers after leaving her corporate job. She wanted to feel as though she was making a difference and acknowledged that the power of business could create an impact that traditional charities couldn’t. Thus, she combined her passion for business and animals to create the cat cafe which houses sheltered cats and promotes adoptions. Here are five purrfect reasons to visit the LA cat cafe!

Coffee… AND Cats

Need I say more? If you love coffee and if you love cats, this will be better than Disneyland. Upon entering they take your coffee order and bring it to you as you are playing with the cats. For me, my roommates won’t let me have a kitten so this one-on-one time with furry friends is necessary.

Their mission is philanthropic 

Crumbs & Whiskers partners with Karma Rescue to save Cats from euthanasia. The money you spend at the cat cafe goes towards improving the lives of shelter cats and increasing adoption rates. Every cat in the cafe is up for adoption and 335 cats have found new homes.

It’s therapeutic for all: Cats & Humans 

If you are feeling down and need a pick me up is there anything better than cuddle time with a kitty? I think not! The cats came from neglectful situations and need a little affection and love.

The Insta opportunities are UNREAL

From their neon sign that says “coffee and cats, please” to the painting that says “cats before bros” to the coffee cups that say “meow you doin” and “relationship status: cats.” This is an Insta feed’s dream. You will have posts for days!

You want a cat but haven’t gotten one yet 

The experience at the cat cafe is pretty much like speed dating. There are drinks and many different cats to meet. You can take your time and interact with each one seeing who you mesh well with. If you meet a “soul mate” then it’s pretty much a #winwin and you’ll have a cute meeting story!

If you want to combine a fun experience with making a difference Crumbs & Whiskers is for you! Book a visit right now here. For a sneak peak of the Crumbs & Whiskers experience, watch our video below.

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