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5 Quick Methods to Speed up Manifestation

The ability to manifest and put your desires into reality is accessible to everyone. It’s a universal force that opens its arms to those who understand and accept manifesting. Our EIC – Erika De La Cruz is a master at this (she’s even hosting her own Vision Board party THIS Saturday, Jan. 6th)! Here are 5 helpful tips (plus one travel manifestation bonus) for you to harness an inner manifesting power to get to those dreams quicker.

1. Stick With It, Here’s Why:

Think in terms of years, and you may be surprised when the turn around time shrinks to months, weeks or even days! (This is because your state of being is relaxed and knows that the delivery time on your dreams is abundant, sending a signal out to the universe that you are a match for everything you want to receive.) Manifestation doesn’t come overnight. It requires patience, dedication, and repetitiveness. Just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. Manifestation thrives on the energy of persistence, it’s more than just a wish to the universe. It requires commitment to the vision you want in order to make it tangible reality. You can do this making sure you involve a daily practice of aligning thoughts, emotions and actions to get your desired outcome.


Manifestations dont come through over night – so if its not happening yet, give time a chance to catch up to what’s already yours. Keep doing all the things & if you need help, I have a ton of manifestation methods, tips, & breakdowns on my page ♥️ #manifestation #manifesting #manifestationtips #manifestingmethods #manifestationtips #gratitude #lawofattraction #manifestyourlife #manifestyourdreams #manifestlove #manifesttravel

♬ what can i say – ⭐️

2. A Technique for Thanking-in-Advance

A lot of people make the mistake of wishing and wanting things when they manifest. This implies you lack something which leaves room for the universe to give you more of the things you lack.  Instead change your vocabulary to a more thankful one. Put yourself in a headspace that you have already achieved what your desire. Then affirm and be thankful for your desires and that they are a done deal. For example instead of saying “I wish I had a successful job”, you should say “I’m so thankful for having a successful job and all the benefits it brings me.” Your frequency matches your energy.


Most impactful shift to make in manifesting! #manifestation #manifestingmethods #manifestingtips

♬ original sound – Erika De La Cruz

3. Use Manifestion Aids

What the heck is a “manifestation aid” you ask? It’s just a tool that helps you access your highest self more quickly. Sometimes, we need help getting to a space to be present, thankful and optimistic (which are ultimate manifestation states to be in,) so get help! Use an affirmation card deck, read a personal growth book, or Erika’s favorite, grab a gratitude globe! Once a week, put something you’re grateful for into the globe and spend 10 minutes just thinking about why you’re so thankful for it.

4. Let Go (Easier said than done)

This is an easiest trick that people have a very hard time doing. Instead of constantly worrying about everything you want and adding that stress to your life….LET GO. Take a moment and dance and celebrate like you have what you desire! Get up and shake it out, trust us, this tip is useful when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Celebrate like you already have what you want. Positive energy is are sweet words the universe wants to hear. NOTE: spaces of calm/peace/neutrality are great to speed up manifestation because your signaling to the universe to bring you more things that allow you to feel at peace.

5. Memories (Use What You’ve Already Experienced.)

Another great tip is to use your memories to make your manifesting goals become reality. Memories are what make our identity, it’s a powerful tool. For example, Erika uses the photo of her engagement with her friends around her to envision what she wants instead. What is the next thing your friends are congratulating you for? That can be anything from money, to luxury items, or even the cover of a magazine. She chose this photo because it’s a moment she values. Keep photos of amazing moments in your life around your home to keep you manifesting.

Bonus: For Our Travel Girlies, Pull in Luxury Vaycays

We even have a specific hack for those that desire the ultimate in luxury, especially in travel. After making your bed, place two chocolates, each on one pillow, and continue on with your day. When you get back home, you can pretend the concierge service from a luxury hotel set them there just for you. This makes you feel special, yummy, and happy for all the things you deserve, while you wait for it to become your reality.


Manifestation hack for luxury travel: put a chocolate on your pillow! Get in the mindset of your desires. Go being visualizing it & actually bring it into your reality in any way you can now so you can live it & feel it. Being a little delulu helps bring the manifestations in a little quicker 😉 #manifestation #manifestingtips #manifestingmethods #manifestyourdreams #manifesttravel #manifestluxury #manifestationtips #manifestluxurytravel

♬ original sound – Erika De La Cruz

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