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What is Manifestation? 10 Do’s & Don’t’s

What is manifesting? 

The most simple way to explain manifesting is that it’s the process of syncing up your energy to something you’d like to attract into your life (job, relationship, dream home etc.)

Why is it so popular?

The reason it’s becoming so popular is because the mechanism through which it works requires you to literally practice feeling your best and the process of building that habit is extremely self-empowering.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include better feelings, increased optimism, a heightened sense of self worth, happiness and fulfillment. There’s little downside to trying out manifestation techniques.

How does it work?

“The Law of vibration, the law of attraction and the law of expectation” are all terms you’ll here quite frequently when journeying into manifestation. Science tells us that everything on the planet, including us, is vibrating at a very high rate. When you raise your personal vibration, desires that match your new frequency will begin to appear. You must gain a momentum of good feelings to set this process into motion, (aka: feeling good one time will likely do little for you. There’s no magic pill!) Think about your thoughts creating the things you see in your life. The universe is like a drive-through window and your thoughts are the order, only the universe can’t hear “do want or don’t want,” it just creates more of whatever you are focusing on. So, if you’re thinking about a list of things you DON’T want, all the universe can hear is that your focus is on that and it’s on a mission to bring you more of what matches that momentum.

Can I manifest a partner, home, job or anything else?

Take a radio as a metaphor, if “hip hop” music is the thing you want, but you keep tuning into the frequency of the country music station- it’s impossible to hear hip hop, it’s not the right frequency. But how do you know the frequency of your dream home or dream partner or dream job? Simple, tune in to how you would feel if you had the thing you desire- those feelings and that way of being is your answer. Manifestation involves taking responsibility for the things you’re seeing in your life and choosing more often than not “the bright side” of things. NOTE: we are HUMAN, so this likely won’t result in a 24/7 lifestyle, but with practice and habits, you can choose optimism way more than you think and start the momentum you need.

Manifestation List of Do’s & Don’ts:

Do: Commit to an actual routine. Take your practices seriously and practice until positive thoughts become more habitual than doubts and negativity. (It takes 60 days to build a habit.)

Do: Watch videos/tips/tricks or read books on The law of attraction before putting in a practice.

Do: Repeat affirmations daily.

Do Practice visualizations. Write down a gratitude list of all the amazing things you’re expecting in your life. Close your eyes and picture yourself after that which you desire has appeared. How would  you feel, what the thoughts and emotions would you experience? How would your energy feel physically?

Do: Let go of the how. Concentrating on how something will unfold limits the room you have to experience the bigness of what you desire.

Don’t: Make yourself wrong when you are having negative thoughts. The key is gentle adjustment into anything you can do to change your energy into something that feels better.

Don’t: Don’t be afraid of feeling “neutral.” Often when we know good thoughts attract good things, we can be afraid of feeling neutral. In reality, “neutral” is a great place to create from. So when you start to feel negative emotions, choose to do something that simply brings you back to neutral before spiraling downward. (A walk, a tv show, something that simply allows you to take you mind to a place that feels neutral.)

Don’t: Worry when things you perceive as “bad” occur. The universe is working in your favor and circumstance which you don’t understand are paving a path to match your best self when accessing it. Shift the perspective of “bad” into “contrast.” Just circumstances that are contrasting to what you desire, to illuminate that which you do.

Don’t Be afraid to take ACTION! The key, is to take action from an inspired place, that’ aligned with your best self! (Inspired action = inspired results.)


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