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Just Opened: The Palm Springs Surf Club Is The Ultimate Oasis For Coachella

Friends…there is a way to get the ultimate Coachella festival experience without having to actually go to the festival. Say hello to the  Goldenvoice Surf Club held at the brand spanking new Palm Springs Surf Club or PSSC for short. This is the ultimate desert oasis that just opened up to the public. A massive landscape with thirsty amenities like no other and the prime spot for a grand Coachella pool party. It was the perfect spot for Goldenvoice to host their uber public bash (just $40 to get in) – branded this year as Surf Club – and guess what… its poppin’ off both Coachella weekends. Since we’re on top of every cool hang at Coachella, ya bet we got a first look at the party and the place… and let’s just say our jaws were ON THE FLOOR. Heres everything you need to know about The Palm Springs Surf Club and GV’s Surf Club during Coachella.

Goldenvoice Surf Club

First things first. You don’t need an invite to this hot, hot party BUT you do need to a ticket to get in. You can buy tickets beforehand online or you can buy tickets at the door too. Just $40 for a single day or $75 for the whole weekend. Pro-Tip: Bring a swimsuit because you’ll be wearing it ALL day. Your pass grants you access to the music amphitheater, the main pool, lazy river, amala restaurant, and the island bar. If you want to access the water slides (oh, yes they have slides) that’s an extra $20. Saturday was so cool and we’re sure tomorrow – Sunday – will be amazing. Get some last minute tickets now  (they’ll be at Coachella weekend 2 as well) because we’re about to break down everything that will be there. Yeah, let’s get to the fun part.

So many things to see and experience. As you walk into the space, you’ll see Sol de Janeiro splashed all over. That’s becasue GV Surf Club partnered up with the bum bum Brazilian beauty brand to showcase and give out samples of their just launched sunscreenRio Radiance.

As you walk toward the lazy river and the music amphitheater you’ll see both Casa Azul Tequila Soda and Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila set up shop for everyone to hydrate (well, kinda) with cocktails. We loved the Airstream aesthetic 818 had at this party, fit with towels, totes, sunglasses, and more merch for you to grab as you pick out your margarita. Not too far away was Sprinter Vodka Soda‘s ( Kylie Jenner’s canned beverage) headquarters. They were handing out cans out of a futuristic truck with “KYLIE” on the license plate.

Selfies were of course a must… and both Sol de Janiero and Rockstar energy drinks had photo booth activations to snap the perfect pic. There was also a spot for wellness and recovery. Sound bath sessions, yoga sessions and cold plunge stations were on hand to help anyone reset. I mean how can you not, with the picturesque mountains in the background and the sounds of wave crashing in the background. Yes, there were guys and girls surfing the wave pool. As far as music? Goldenvoice has put together a sweet lineup of the most popular DJ’s with the coolest EDM set lists. The amphitheater hosted Barry Can’t Swim, Busy P and Salute and wow did they bring the party. Everyone rushed to the grassy area to fist bump and enjoy the beats. You can see the rest of the lineup for  Sunday’s bash and for Coachella Weekend 2 here. Remember, you can buy tickets at the door for either of these festival weekend parties or plan to make a visit to the most prestige and premiere club in Palm Springs – The Palm Springs Surf Club.

The Palm Springs Surf Club

There is seriously nothing like The Palm Springs Surf Club. Getting there is a breeze – located at 1500 S Gene Autry Trail – and parking is a breeze with on-site parking. From the outside looking in, it looks like a public aquatic center, but when you walk in it has all the feels of a beautiful desert oasis slash water park vibes. A day pass to the surf club is $40 and everyone in the family can get in. 5 and up pay, 4 and under no charge. There are resort-style amenities like the huge pool, lazy river, wave pool, water slides, playful splash pad, and restaurants and poolside snacks and drinks to buy. And when the surfers are there… it’s such a show. Teddy Navarro ripped it up Coachella weekend 1!

We can’t recommend it enough, but be sure when you visit, take some time to relax in the pool between sets and before the day ahead. You can also reserve a private cabana which are along the wave pool to wave watch and provide the ultimate luxury. When it comes to booking surfing – they have several sessions available and plan to open up beginner and kids sessions too this summer. To surf you do need a reservation and pricing for each session looks anywhere between $60-$200. You can bring your own boards and wetsuits, and just fyi this isn’t a heated wave pool, but they have heated dip pools for before and after your session. This is such a great place to visit if anyone wants to get that general taste of Palm Springs and just need a full day to relax. They are open from 10am-6pm. 

Such a great start to Coachella weekend one discovering new party gems that are set to be staples from here on out. Don’t forget to book Goldenvoice Surf Club for an epic party experience. Check out more photos from our gallery below and check out everything that was at Camp Poosh 2024 here.