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12 of My Favorite LA Sushi Restaurants That You Should Definitely Try

Best Sushi Spots in LA

It’s no secret that I love eating sushi! It’s usually my first choice when eating out and being a pescatarian, it makes things easy when ordering off the menu. We’re lucky to have so many sushi options here in Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or with an experimental take, there is something for everyone when those sushi cravings kick in! Here are 12 of my favorite LA sushi restaurants that you should definitely try!


This is my go-to sushi spot in my neighborhood. This is not a fancy place, but an excellent hole-in-the-wall that has never let me down! They bring the sushi out one by one so that the rice is warm and the fish is cool! Beware – they don’t serve sushi rolls that you find at most restaurants, their strength is in their traditional style nigiri sushi and hand rolls.

The lunch set, priced at just $15, includes tuna, yellowtail, albacore, salmon and white fish sushi with a blue crab hand roll. My favorite things to order from the nigiri menu are the toro, albacore, yellowtail, scallop, unagi, and of course, uni.


Choose from three core menus called Trust Me’s, which are inspired from the traditional Japanese omakase. This LA staple is a must-try especially if you’re from out of town. The menus are reasonably priced and if you’re really hungry – go for the Nozawa, and if you’re medium hungry, go for the Trust Me. You can also add a la carte options if you’re still hungry for more.

Nobu Malibu

Nobu Malibu takes the meaning of “the art of sushi” to the next level with their signature Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño and Black Cod Miso. And the experience is enhanced with the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. This place is one of those where you have to call in advance for reservations. Since it’s pretty pricey, you can save it for a special occasion. It’s a favorite among celebs and the LA elite so don’t be surprised when you experience a celebrity sighting while you’re enjoying your sashimi.

Q Sushi

Chef Hiro presents sushi at its most elegant and seeks to harmonize all the components of each dish to create a one of a kind experience. Varies techniques are employed to coax flavor from the fish, including aging (nekaseru), curing, and adjusting temperatures just before serving. The dishes are accompanied by craft beers and wine and fine sake.

Hama Sushi

Hama Sushi is located just a block away from the Venice Boardwalk and has been part of Venice Beach’s history for the past 30 years. Enjoy their traditional cuisine, unique fusion dishes and vegetarian options as well. Try one of the Hama favorites, Crispy Rice Cakes which features spicy tuna and pickled jalapeños!


Chef Ken continues to deliver a specific philosophy where incorporates western influences while preserving traditional techniques. He offers a daily tapas style (small plate) menu that changes with the season and offerings of the marketplace!


You’ll first notice the beautiful green vegetation when you enter. But Iroha Sushi of Tokyo’s expansive menu includes popular chef creations, such as filet mignon and halibut carpaccio appetizers and a wildly popular spicy tuna sushi burger which have made it a fan favorite!

Sushi Kimagure Ike

Hiroshi Ikeda has moved his beloved Sushi Ike in Hollywood to Old Pasadena. It would be hard to find a menu, since he serves only “omakase” courses in a very traditional technique and simply decorated space.


Sasabune offers various lunch and dinner courses like the “ume” which comes with your choice of sashimi, sushi and a hand roll. And check out Sushi Don & Sasabune Express, created by the visionaries of Sasabune, which provide the same quality sushi to go as well as a more casual atmosphere!


Hamasaku offers dishes that are just as unique as their names. Take the Asylum roll for example, which consists of toro, lobster, avocado, asparagus, cilantro aioli or the The Lawyer with unagi, tamago, avocado, sansho pepper, sweet soy. Don’t want to dine in? N o problem, you can also order online for pickup!


This revolving sushi bar is a great go- to spot for lunch! Try a little of everything, like the Salmon Yukhoe or my favorite, Seared Scallop! There’s always a wait for this place so go during the off times, which is right when it opens or after the lunch rush!

Sushi Tsujita

Looking to try something adventurous? Then Sushi Tsujita in Sawtelle is the place for you! With a changing seasonal menu, don’t forget to try the Summer Truffle Cold EggTofu before it’s gone!


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