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10 Incredible LA Donuts Every LA Girl Must Try At Least Twice

Donuts in LA are a big deal. I would say donuts to Californians are what bagels are to New Yorkers. There’s a lot to choose from in this big city, so we’ve done the work for you, tasted a ton, and chose our faves. Here are 10 incredible LA donuts every LA girl must try at least twice. Don’t drool too much!

DK’S Donuts – Santa Monica

If you want color and originality, DK’s is your place. The shop is family owned and has a bright, cheerful atmosphere. They pioneered the “o-nut” which is a croissant/donut hybrid and have unique flavors like “thin mint” and “honey bee.” Also, their galaxy donut is out of this world!

Sidecar Doughnuts – Santa Monica

Doughnuts, coffee, community – oh my! Sidecar offers a creative environment to work and dine. There is a plethora of seating for brunch dates galore. Their Stumptown coffee meets artisan donut makes the perfect combo. With flavors like Huckleberry, Maple Bacon and Butter & Salt your donut palate will come to life!

Blue Star Donuts – Venice

Blue Star takes the cake… literally. You know when you say you’re gonna take one bite and then just can’t stop? That was me! One bite of their Blueberry Bourbon Basil and I was a goner. SO AMAZING. The flavors melt in your mouth and leave you needing more #noregrets. Their mantra is “quality, not quantity” and boy does that taste true!

California Donuts – Mid-City 

They get the most creative and artistic award. The amazing thing about California Donuts is that they are totally customizable. You can get word’s spelled out – donut proposal anyone? They specialize in making cute animal faces like their Care Bears – so adorable! People call them the “tumblr donuts” cause they’re that pretty!

Primo’s Donuts – Mid-City 

When asked which donuts were the best in LA, a sweet lady named Madge vibrantly insisted that Primo’s was the best. She said millennial’s were distracted by all the artisan options and that Primo’s has been LA’s top donut shop since 1956! This is a long-time, family run shop that offers quaint charm and flavorful donuts. Apparently their buttermilk donut is infamous – so get on that!

Dutchess (aka Birdies) – DTLA

What once was named Birdies has reopened under the new name Duchess DTLA. With their “hipster” vibe and options of chicken, coffee and donuts Birdies offers options both salty and sweet. Their horchata twist, cinnamon toast crunch and candied bacon maple are delish! 


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Cofax – Mid- City 

Assorted in their pastry case are donuts like plush pistachio and chocolate rainbow sprinkled cake. They sell breakfast burritos too… Need I say more?

Donut King – Culver City 

If you want a good old fashioned donut – no frills – Donut King is for you. They offer smoothies, sandwiches and burritos too. Yum!

Kettle Glazed Donuts – Hollywood 

Their retro vibes, premium ingredients and artisan donuts make Kettle Glazed a must for any donut lover. I would suggest their smores, iced cinnamon twist or blueberry old fashioned. They offer a gluten free option, so there is no reason not to go!!!

Donut  Friend – Highland Park

Their headline is “donuts. done. differently.” Colorful, flavorful and elaborate – these donuts are amazing. They have multi-layers with spreads in between like their “lemon weapon” with blueberry jam oozing out the middle and lemon drizzled on top. Favorites are: “cinnamineral” and “jets to basil”. Their donuts are unreal, you won’t be disappointed.

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