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7 Heavenly LA Pie Spots You Should Definitely Try Right Now

7 Heavenly LA Pie Spots You Should Definitely Try

Nothing compares to the crispy crusts, gooey goodness, and aroma of pies! You no longer have to wait for Thanksgiving to pull out that pumpkin pie because whether savory or sweet, there is something for whatever you’re in the mood for! They may not be your grandma’s pies but here are 7 Heavenly LA Pie Spots You Should Definitely Try!

The Pie Hole

Who knew that a slice of pie could bring about so much happiness? The people at The Pie Hole know! They offer a seasonal menu, so try the Earl Grey Tea Pie as well as the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pie before they’re gone! Then wash it down with their specialty coffee program!

Apple Pan

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! But why settle for a boring old apple when the Apple Pan offers Fresh Apple Pie, in addition to Cream or Pecan pies!

Simplethings Sandwich and Pie Shop

Pie flavors are anything but simple here! Choose from flavors like salted caramel, french silk, pumpkin streusel and the chef’s special! They offer three sizes: cutie, simple and big pie!

House of Pies 

You can never go wrong with the veteran of pies! Since 1969, House of Pies continues to deliver mouth watering goodness! They offer a wide array of fruit, cream, custard/meringue and house specialties pies along with other delicious desserts!

Republic of Pie 

Inspired by European culinary, Republic of Pie which will certainly take you back to your childhood! Munch on goodness like Chocolate Banana Cream, Peach Blueberry or something savory like the Veggie Lover and Thanksgiving pie! And you definitely must try The Triple Threat, where three pies are baked into a cake!


Can’t get enough of those ube (purple yam) desserts? Look no further! Get your tastebuds ready for this Ube Brown Sugar Pie which includes ube(purple yam), oats and brown sugar custard! Yum!! Then feast on other yummy Filipino dishes while you’re there!

Bronzed Aussie

Transport your palate to the “down under” with these aus-some meat pies! Choose from the Vegan Tofu Curry, Thai Chicken, Chicken Bacon Mushroom Pie or more! What are you waiting for mate?!

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