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How to Manifest Money: 22 Affirmations To Save Right Now

Affirmations are one of the biggest tools to achieve any of your goals. It keeps you connected to the things you want most and sets you up to win on the daily. We love affirming ourselves before we start the day, or even on the way to an LA brunch with the girls. Obviously we learned from the best! Our Editor-in-Chief, Erika De La Cruz, is a PRO at affirmations and how to manifest things like money, relationships, careers, travel and luxury. Here’s what most people don’t realize about affirmations. You can tailor them to the exact things you want out of this life. If you’re trying to figure out…hmmm…’how do I manifest a career?’ – allow your affirmations to be tailor made to where you want to work, who you want to work with, and maybe down to the thing you’ll be wearing.

One question Erika gets asked all the time, is “how do I manifest money?” We get it. Money makes the world go round ( well, sometimes), and there are times we don’t feel we have enough of it to do the fun things LA has to offer. Valid manifestation for sure. Here is what Erika has to say about it. “The biggest thing I’ve truly learned, personally, about wealth, is that sometimes the “only way you see,” is not the only way your life can change. When your frequency, thoughts, feeling and beliefs shift around money and making it, the universe can meet that open space with surprises, ease or miracles too.” We love this!  So we’ve put together a “How to Manifest Money” affirmations list to bring in the “muh-nay” you’re looking to see in your life and up your game. We’d recommend choosing 3-5 of these and repeating them twice daily... when you wake up and right before bedtime.  Journaling and writing them down too also works and even wearing something GREEN to attract it works too. Check out our “How to Manifest Money Affirmations below and for a little extra bonus – watch Erika’s video on how she managed to make a healthy relationship with money ( it’s below too!).

How to Manifest Money Affirmations

I attract abundance with ease and money flows to me effortlessly.

Wealth flows effortlessly into my life.

I am a magnet for financial prosperity.

I attract wealth and abundance with every breath I take.

I am a money magnet, and abundance is drawn to me.

Money flows to me from unexpected sources.

I am open to receiving limitless wealth.

I deserve to be wealthy, and I accept wealth into my life now.

I am financially empowered to create the life I desire.

I attract wealth effortlessly and easily.

The universe is conspiring to make me wealthy.

I release all resistance to attracting money.

I am aligned with the frequency of abundance.

Wealth and success are my natural state of being.

I radiate abundance and attract wealth effortlessly.

My bank account is overflowing with money.

I release all fear and doubt around money, allowing abundance to flow freely into my life.

The universe is abundant, and I am a reflection of its limitless prosperity.

I am financially independent and free to live the life of my dreams.

I am open to receiving unlimited wealth from known and unknown sources.

Financial doors keep opening for me.

I always have more money than I need.


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