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How Editor-In-Chief Erika De La Cruz Clears Energy Blocks

Days can be weird. You can feel halted in motivation, action, and positivity. You think this is just another bad day, but babe we’re here to tell you that something is disrupting your flow on an energetic level. Say hi to your ENERGY BLOCK. Energy blocks are basically disruptions within your flow and that can be within the body and/or mind.  Yup, psychologically, emotional traumas or unresolved issues can be seen as creating energy blocks, affecting mental well-being. So if you’re journeying further into a year of self-development, it’s crucial that you work through personal blocks that may be holding up your goals, “sense of happiness” or manifestations. Thankfully, our EIC – Erika De La Cruz – is amazing at removing her own energy blocks, trauma, and more…. and is sharing all of her secrets with us. Here are 11 ways to clear those energy blocks, some Erika has personally tried, grown from and absolutely loved!


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1. Guided Meditation

Erika loves these for daily up-keep & re-connection to her higher self. Youtube is great to search what type of “medi” you’re looking for (grounding, guidance, morning/night) & many organizations offer them personalized & LIVE.

2. Breath Work

Erika has done this a couple of times. It helped to calm her physiology and evoke love, peace and stillness. She practiced this with her GF (the founder of Smudged) & there are group zoom sessions available.

3. Body Work

Get a massage boo. Seriously go! Your beautiful body is storing so much of your past, it’s comforting to be physically taken care of. Unlike the others that Erika diversify and practice when she’s called to, Erika does this one on a *routine basis*, bi-weekly or monthly. Weekly it did wonders for her sleep when she was struggling 6 years ago. This is a great starting point to find a place.

4. Therapy

Talk therapy! Erika did this for years, she actually  now does a form of combined talk and energy work. But her hubby has used talk space & the good ol’ fashioned staple: looking at a health insurance list for recommendations. FYI: Talking is energy release!


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5. Intuitive Readings

Erika has always been the one to answer the call when she felt guided to connect with someone. Sometimes it’s been random times, like meeting someone at an event, asking her if they could share some messages, or stumbling upon a hotel in Italy where she connected with a woman. Erika loves “reading-type” work when she trusts and feels aligned with the reader.

6. Higher Self Hypnosis

This is a brand freakin’ new one. So this was a Christmas gift to Erika and she went in with zero expectations. But because she was so relaxed, her intuition provided answers  in the session that she knew were there, but was having a hard time connecting with.

7. Energy Clearing

Erika says this is where she’s continued to discover so much. It’s a bit more advanced where you’re identifying patterns and releasing their grip on you in a variety of ways. Erika loves Hiwattliving. For her fellow manifestation enthusiasts, she *highly recommends* Jacki’s sessions for a better understanding of the law of attraction as well.

8. Reiki

This energy work is incredible and has really helped Erika’s voice. At the least, you’ll get a good meditation out of a Reiki session. Here’s a place that offer virtual sessions, but doing them in person is the best. Check out this place in LA.

9. Somatic Therapy

Erika has had a few sessions herself and they were very pleasant. But she’s had a friend who had incredible results. Somatic therapy is alternative, talk/energy/body combined, aimed to release stored, pent up stress or trauma.

10. Full Potential Programs

A commitment to yourself deserves a good immersive weekend of discovery. Erika has done these long-term discovery seminars with her hubby, and she’s done them on her own too (same with him). Insight and Landmark are a couple she has loved.

11. Need It All?

Altyr is a one-stop shop a former exec at Warner Brothers started and provides a lot for both body & mind. Angel Work, Guided Meditations, Reiki, Sound Baths, you name it. Erika has personally experienced angel work with Carrie & she’s heard great things from others who have used it. And just for you LA girls, they are offering a discount to services with the code: ERIKA20

Final Thoughts

Erika wouldn’t recommend practicing these to “fix” but to aid. The biggest thing she’d share is that these are just methods to get closer to YOURSELF. There’s no guru to do it for you, but instead “helpers” to allow you to connect with the parts of yourself you can’t in your own conscious mind. Erika is  a huge believer that people are meant to try what’s for them when the timing is right, and not every “healer,” “guide” or “recommendation” is meant for every person. You’ll know when you find it. Her BIGGEST advice?  “Don’t try anything once. Keep trying practices to see what fits. I’ve had experiences that didn’t make this personal list, because that specific practitioner and timing wasn’t meant for me.”


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