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10 Healthy Habits to Start and Boost Wellness

Every morning is a bright and shining opportunity to become an even better version of yourself. Don’t we just love that?! Andn who wouldn’t feel that way in a city so full of ambition. Los Angeles is definitely place where you can do a lot of things and see alot of things, but sometimes its just nice to take things slow and maybe give your body and mind a rest for a while. We’ve all heard about how beneficial it is to exercise and meditate, but what are other healthy habits to start right now. Get ready to get a mid-year revamp with 10 healthy habits to start to get you on the fast track to optimal health (and they’re so easy to do too!).

Touch Grass

Let’s start by focusing on our beautiful bodies and everything it’s capable of. The first easy healthy habit to start to by connecting to the outside and simply touching grass! Go for a walk or run, take a hike, or simply journal in a park to get those juicy vitamin D benefits and connect with the outside world. Modern societies are suffering a nature deficit, as people focus more on their screens or the office hustle, so here are several ideas to spice up your steps.

  • Forest bathing: Try this Japanese psychological exercise by experiencing deep natural immersion and tranquillity.
  • Nature journaling: Write or draw about what you see, scratching your creative itch.
  • Pick up trash: Channel your inner activist by making your outdoor walk purposeful.
  • Geocaching: Reimagine the outdoors by participating in this worldwide scavenger hunt.
  • Awe walks: Go outside to engage your senses and internalize the splendor of nature.


Keep a Food Diary

Do you find you don’t always feel well after eating? We’ve all tried tracking something, like macros or carbs. We suggest keeping a neutral log of your meals — no numbers or statistics. List everything you eat that day and how you feel after. We know what you’re thinking..why? Here’s the thing – food intolerances and allergies are at their all time high. Pair this with pervasive diet culture, and you have a society that has a weird relationship with what it eats. Practicing this intuitive eating habit, becoming more aware of your hunger cues, and acknowledging how you feel when you eat specific things will heal how you view food. Plus, you might realize some things disagree with you.

Choose Plants

You don’t have to go full vegan this very second. However, research shows the benefits of going plant-based, even if it’s just once a week. If you’re tempted to have a side of bacon with breakfast, try replacing it with aromatic roasted vegetables, where you still get a satisfying crunch. The nutrient density of produce is monumental, and who wouldn’t want to bank on their benefits? Eating plants is another sneaky way to boost hydration too. Fruits like melons, grapes and cucumbers are water-rich resources, making this habit work double-time for your health goals.

Begin a Weekly/ Monthly Review Process

Now to focus on the mind. Do you ever feel like you have too many ideas crammed into your brain at once? They pile up over the weeks and months until you feel overwhelmed, not knowing what to do with the never-ending list of life admin tasks, goals, hopes and dreams. A regularly scheduled review process is critical for a tidy mind. Everyone’s review will be different, and you should personalize it to your needs. For example, yours may be every Sunday and last 20 minutes, including tasks like reviewing your bank statements, doing a brain dump, and responding to missed text messages. Others might be in-depth, spending an hour or more doing all the above plus one weekly chore, getting inboxes to zero, and scheduling appointments. The point of these dedicated sessions is to tackle the thoughts that distract you the most.

Healthy Temptation Bundling

Temptation bundling is a healthy habit to start to build foundations of other habits. The idea is to make tedious or irritating tasks more pleasant so it doesn’t cause as much mental resistance. For example, if you are running on your elliptical or cleaning your bathroom, make these times sacred. Only listen to your favorite high-energy bops during these activities, or chuck on your guilty pleasure podcast. Over time, your mind begins to associate the dull task with something invigorating and, hopefully, tempting. To make this work, you must resist the urge to listen to that band or podcast at any other point. Why? The rewards will lose their appeal if they’re accessible at all points of the day. Making them exclusive will keep everything fresh and enticing.


Be A Conversation Starter

Do you always wait for other people to text or call you? Turn the tables and build a habit of reaching out to one person you love every single day. It only takes a minute. You don’t need to habitually text everyone constantly or even respond promptly.  The only habit you want to build here is a constant reinforcement of your connections. Here are a few easy ways to strike up a conversation without repeatedly sending boring pleasantries, like “How are you doing today?” Try sending a funny meme or share a nostalgic or funny memory that made you think of them recently.

Conversations with loved ones

Be Present

Mindfulness is one of this decade’s most popular buzzwords for a good reason. Whether you practice it by being in nature, meditating or doing breathing exercises, a healthy habit to start is grounding yourself in the present moment. Too often, we can get caught up in the anxieties of the future or the regrets of the past. There are more useful ways to spend your time. Happier and more fulfilled individuals train their brains to focus on the now.

A woman meditating

Have a Sustainable State of Mind

When people talk about healthy habits to start, they mainly refer to the mind and body. Your space is equally influential on your contentment, deserving equal attention. Pick up an eco-conscious habit to incorporate into your home. It doesn’t have to be costly or extreme, like installing solar panels. There are plenty of accessible habits to form to reduce your carbon footprint, like recycling, taking shorter showers to save water, or carrying reusable bags, cups and to-go containers when you go out.

Three recycling bins

Engage in Environment Design

Environment or lifestyle design is about getting into the practice of making your space promote positive habits you wish to form. For example, you want to get into yoga. You have cute clothes and gear, but you never touch them. It will be easier to incorporate a 10-minute stretch in your morning routine if the mat is rolled out the night before next to a change of clothes. Many want to take up journaling or reading before bed instead of doomscrolling. Write down everywhere you tend to put your phone and fill each spot with a book or journal. It’s a visual trigger to prioritize healthy habits instead. With environment design, you can make your space work for you.

A woman practicing yoga

Device Breaks

Digital detoxes are common for a reason ( our EIC, Erika De La Cruz, loves to do these on repeat too) because repeated exposure to screens is hurting our minds, bodies and relationships. However, our spaces are chock-full of devices, from TVs, tablets, video game consoles, smartwatches and phones. Get into the habit of spending more time away from screens with hacks like designating no-phone zones, like bathrooms, the dinner table or the bed. Maybe delete social media apps from your phone and only access them on a computer or a second phone. Check out Erika’s broadcast channel on IG where she gives out more tips about going phone free.

Ready for some more healthy habits – try these natural ways to stay happy all year long!