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5 Natural Ways to Feel Happier & Healthier

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! We are always trying to feel our best, but sometimes it’s so hard to feel 100%. We get it… busy schedules, stress at work, or just a tough season of life can affect your daily routine of keeping your mental health in check. So in honor of this month, we wanted to share our top tips to putting your mind at ease and putting it in a more joyful state. Here’s the best part! They don’t require any of those fad CBD trends or canned drinks to boost your mood. There are so many natural ways to get those feel-good vibes and endorphins. Because let’s be real, happy people are the best kind of people. Scroll down to check out 5 science-backed tips to naturally feel happier and healthier. You’ll thank us later boo.

1. Get Outside

One of the easiest ways to boost your mood is to get up and go outside. Simple, right? Whether it’s a hot girl walk in your favorite sports bra and biker shorts, a tan sesh by the pool, or just sitting quiet in the backyard and taking those deep breaths, you are doing yourself a favor. Here’s the science part of it. Getting fresh air naturally increases serotonin in your brain, the commonly known feel good hormone. Taking in the sun’s rays (with sunblock on, of course) helps regulate our circadian rhythm ( our sleep-wake cycle)  and improve your mood. If you can fit in a granola-girl aesthetic for the gram, then you’re golden. 

2. Let’s Get Physical

Get active. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, move time is limitless and beneficial. Moving your body gets those endorphins pumping, all leading to a better mood and lowered stress. We love a good dance break, and we suggest you join us. It’s fun, freeing, makes you feel good, and is a real fast way to burn those calories. Traditional workouts are just as effective and will also leave you on a happy high (plus, the results in the mirror aren’t bad either).

3. Slow Down

It’s OK to hit the snooze button babes. Putting a pause to all-things is always an easy way to recharge. Take a few minutes to practice mindful meditations, deep breathing, or stretch the body with yoga. Breathe in and attract those good vibes and breathe out everything you want to release. Bringing our body back to a peaceful state helps us continue crushing everything we do. Take some advice from our Editor-in Chief, who has all the wellness tips you need.

4. Phone-Free Time

This one can be tough, we know. Setting time away from your phone and spending less time aimlessly scrolling social media will leave you refreshed, less stressed, and more productive! Getting the quick dopamine fix while spending hours on social media is doing more harm than good. Try setting a time limit for apps you feel are impacting your mental health. Instead, take a bath, read a book, or enjoy time without that phone buzzing in your right hand. Don’t believe us? Try going one weekend without social media- then get back to us. 

5. Live in the Moment

Write a list of things you’re grateful for, appreciate your loved ones, and treat yourself when you want to. Life is short. So eat that cookie and embrace and enjoy things as they come to you. Ask yourself this question, what do you have complete control over? We have the answer…The PRESENT! Set aside worries about the past and future, and stay in touch with what’s happening around you.

Now that you’re feeling better on the inside, time for some treatment on the outside with these remedies for recovery in LA.