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Best Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving Solo in LA

Thanksgiving is the holiday of way too much food, fun times with family and friends, and maybe a nap after everything. But Angelenos aren’t always born and raised in LA. Some come from different parts of the country or even world, so what do you do when your significant other or your friends and family aren’t here to celebrate with you? Celebrate on your own! Los Angeles is filled with good vibes all year round but especially when it comes time for the holidays. So get dressed up, or dressed down and get ready to enjoy yourself this Thanksgiving. Here are 8 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving solo in LA.

Go For A Hike

Hikes are always a great way to spend time alone, so there’s no reason to skip out on a holiday like Thanksgiving. Pack a lunch, include a Turkey sandwich to get more into the holiday spirit, and go for an adventure in nature! If you need ideas on where to go, check out The LA Girl’s 6 Cool Fall Hikes in LA.

Go See A Movie

Exercising on a relaxing holiday might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can definitely watch a movie! Around this time of year, you’re smack in the middle of horror season ending and the rom-coms starting up, so no matter what genre you most enjoy, you’ll find something to fit your fancy.

Plus popcorn with extra butter in a comfy reclining seat? That’s the ultimate relaxing Thanksgiving treat to yourself! This is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving solo in LA!

Travel Out of Town

If you have the funds to get out of town this Thanksgiving, by all means, go! Spread your wings and fly! Whether it’s a road trip to San Diego, or a quick flight somewhere for the weekend, this is a perfect opportunity to get away and get pampered! Explore a new city and maybe even splurge on a spa visit and a nice hotel. Everything feels better when you’re away on vacation!

Go Out For Dinner, So You Don’t Have To Cook

Don’t fret about spending hours at your stove or baking pies in your oven this Thanksgiving. If cooking doesn’t fill you with joy, skip it! You don’t have to cook for one because, luckily Los Angeles has many options to treat yourself to a delightful Thanksgiving dinner on the day of. Get dressed up and get ready for your own personal feast!

Video Chat With Family and Friends You’re Missing

Why did someone invent Skype, FaceTime, or any other video chat service? At this exact moment. You’re sitting on your couch and it also happens to be Thanksgiving, and you wish you could see your Mom’s smile and hear your Dad’s goofy laugh. Well, video chat with them! Maybe you can even have them virtually put you at the dinner table.

Volunteer At A Local Food Bank

Sadly, Los Angeles is looking at a huge displacement of people daily, which in turn affects and increases the number of homeless people in LA. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to volunteer for a cause. We put together a list of great places to volunteer in LA.

It’s nice for people, no matter what their circumstance is, to know that they are loved and cared for during the Holiday season, which can feel so lonely, especially for them. This is absolutely one of the best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving solo in LA.

Do A DIY Project At Home

If you have a billion pictures just waiting to be hung up, or maybe you’ve been meaning to redecorate your living room, do it! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get busy with home decor or a DIY project like that art wall you’ve wanted to create.

Just throw on some of your favorite jams, some comfy clothes and get started!

Go The Home Cooked Meal Route

This one’s for you cooking lovers. If the kitchen is your best friend, then stay there! Making a Thanksgiving meal for one is definitely doable. You can make turkey burgers, or just one turkey leg, or even tofurkey! Then make a little bit of mashed potatoes and maybe an apple pie if you’re feeling ambitious!

Now that you’ve got Thanksgiving figured out, what about checking out some art here in the city of angels? Check out The LA Girl’s 7 Best Places To See Art In LA.