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6 Cool Fall Hikes In LA

Cooler weather is falling across LA, pun definitely intended, and besides wanting to cozy up by the fireplace and watch Netflix, you can also head outdoors. We are lucky to be able to be outside all year long in Los Angeles, but while you’re working up a sweat on a trek or hike, the fall season is a perfect time to be cooling off during your hike. So pack a lunch, a good book and bring a friend so you can enjoy the fresh breeze and beautiful nature that we sometimes forget surrounds LA. Here are 6 cool Fall hikes in LA!

Inspiration Loop Trail – Pacific Palisades

Starting off with a good beginner hike, there is the 2 mile Inspiration Loop Trail out in Pacific Palisades. This hike at Will Rogers State Historic Park is dog-friendly and ends with you having a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean! There’s even a bench at the top of Inspiration Point so you can rest, maybe even meditate and take a cute photo while you’re up there! It’s definitely one of our favorite 6 cool fall hikes in LA. 

Los Liones Trail – Pacific Palisades

Located in Topanga State Park, Los Liones Trail is a little less crowded than other hikes, so not a bad idea for a date! You’ll trek through some grassy areas and even get up to an elevation of about 550 feet. The hike can be taken all the way out to Parker Mesa Overlook if you want to capture that beautiful view. Sadly this one isn’t dog-friendly, so leave the pupperoos at home for this one!

Oak Glen Preserve Trail – Yucaipa

Amateurs or experts can enjoy the Oak Glen Preserve Trail! It is a 1.8 mile loop that has a great view of a lake. Not only is this hike perfect in the fall, but Oak Glen is famously known for being a key spot for apple picking and other autumn activities. So be sure to check around the area for more things to do after your hike! You don’t want to miss this cool fall hike in LA. 

Pine Knot Trail – Big Bear Lake

Can’t make a hiking list for fall without including the day trip spot of Big Bear. You can try out Pine Knot Trail or Castle Rock Trail where the trees and the atmosphere will be screaming autumn, making it completely worth the drive to go on any one of these amazing hikes. Fall foliage is covering the mountains, and you’ll be able to see Evergreen trees, cottonwoods, oaks and aspens transform into what everyone considers “true fall” with gold, amber and yellow leaves! 

Temescal Canyon Loop – Pacific Palisades

One more Pacific Palisades hike to check out is the Temescal Canyon Loop in Temescal Canyon Gateway Park. You can bring a friend or even your dog and hike up to one of the many cool spots in the park. There’s a waterfall, a bridge, and plenty of water filled areas to sit down, relax and enjoy. If you choose to head down the ridge trail you will get to soak in an astonishing ocean view and get a chance to see “skull rock,” just in time for Halloween! 

Sosotomo and Deer Valley Loop Trail – Malibu

Saving the best and possibly most difficult for last is the Sosotomo and Deer Valley Loop Trail out in Malibu. Head over to Solstice Canyon for this 7 mile hike where you’ll be able to see gorgeous waterfalls that are flowing year round, plus not only beautiful mountain range views but of course being in Malibu, ocean views as well. If you’re up for the challenge, feel free to try it out and turn around once you get tired. Just don’t forget to pack a snack and plenty of water!

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