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6 Accountability Coaches For Every Area Of Your Life

Do you find yourself focusing only on one area in your life? Doing great in business but having too much takeout? We know balancing our time and energy can be daunting, no matter how efficient we think we are. Here are our experts to help keep yourself accountable in every area of your life.

1. Food & Health

How often have you re-opened your fridge doors, waiting for something to eat to appear? You have the ingredients but find yourself stuck on how to make it into a gourmet Chef Ramsay-approved meal. Elissa Goodman, a certified holistic nutritionist, who has overcome her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and Celiac disease, has dedicated her life to helping others through diet, lifestyle, and emotional methodologies. She offers free recipes in addition to nutritional counseling and has written a book titled Cancer Hacks. Here are her free resources to get you started!

2. Business

Are you ready to take the first step to launch the business you’ve been dreaming of? Forward Female is here to help you bring your business ideas to life. Their immersive coaching program focuses on helping you conceptualize your goals, refine your business model, and work on strategizing your ideas with their business development and marketing coaches. Whether you need support taking your business from an idea to a working entity or creating the website you’ve always dreamed of, Forward Female is here for all your girl boss needs.

3. Style

Rayne Parvis, an award-winning Los Angeles personal stylist, and style coach, is another icon from which you will have no trouble finding the best advice. This top-rated stylist has so many resources to offer. They include a fashion knowledge blog, a myriad of personal styling services,  color analysis, and a style personality assessment. Whether your closet needs a refresh or you simply don’t know how to match your fabulous animal print top with anything in your closet, Parvis’s personal styling services will be your guiding light.

Sometimes those special occasions (i.e. work events or first dates) can feel like total fashion emergencies. Tracy Shapoff, a wardrobe stylist, who has assisted on projects for Christina Aguilera, Chris Pine and has personally styled Bachelor Nation’s Demi Burnett is here to aid you in creating the perfect look through her personal stylist services.

4. Home Organization

Coming home to an organized house can help reduce your anxiety and benefit your mental health. Aviva runs The Serene Home, a Los Angeles-based organization focusing on home and closet organization, decluttering, and move-in projects. In addition to organizing your space, Aviva also offers interior design services and space planning. We both believe you deserve to walk into your home and feel at ease.

5. Fitness Coaches

Chelsey Rose, who has been a part of our 5 LA Trainers to Follow, is here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Offering a  membership that focuses on meals & workouts, making it easy to know what to cook after a post-gym sweat session. You can find daily fitness videos on her IG or follow her personal blog for everything from health and wellness to girl talk and travel.

Ready to train in-home or in a home in the hills? Foued Douma, a personal trainer, celebrity trainer ( his clients include Laura Dern and Courtney Cox) and coach, will help you unlock your physical potential and help you push past your perceived limits and reps. 

6. Life & Career Coach

We all need a cheerleader in our life! Someone who encourages us to take those big leaps and helps us go after our passions. Wemi Opakunle is a life + career coach, motivational speaker, and author. Wemi offers 1:1 coaching to help empower you and create the life you were meant to live. Clearing unconscious blocks and figuring out the root cause of why you’re getting stuck are just some of the tools in her work.

Get aligned with Jacki Beem, the founder of Hi-Watt Living. After discovering her true calling, Beem left her legal career and now offers intuition courses, live coaching, and clearing bundles. Hi-Watt Living’s mission is to help you clear out your subconscious patterns with money, relationships, and anxiety. Their transformational services are designed to help you actualize your dreams.

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