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10 Fitness Items You Need to Hit Your Goals in 2023

New year, new habits! Total cliche, we know! BUT here at The LA Girl, we’re always looking for an opportunity for some self-improvement. If you’re serious about starting your 2023 fitness journey, here are 10 fitness items that will help you stick to your goals!

1. Electric Shaker Bottle

If you’re trying to gain mass in any muscle group, you need to fuel your body with a sufficient amount of protein. This electric protein shaker makes it easier than ever! No more losing those protein shaker balls and no more clumpy shakes!

2. Barbell Pad

If you’re going to be doing any heavy squatting or hip thrusts, you need to invest in a barbell pad (more specifically, a pink one! Because, fashion first, right?). A barbell pad is going to protect your shoulders and hips from any pain or damage those traditional heavy weights will cause.

3. Extra-Thick Yoga Mat

If you’re thinking about trying out yoga in the new year you should invest in a quality yoga mat. This extra-thick yoga mat is equipped with shock-absorbing features that are designed to protect your body from discomfort and reduce joint pain.

4. Matching Workout Set

Part of feeling good is looking good. Investing in a few matching sets for the gym will keep you more motivated and feeling stylish even on the laziest days. Get the outfit, you deserve it!

5. Half Gallon Water Bottle

Hydration is key! You’re probably heard that a million times, but it’s true! Every fitness guru’s top tip is to always drink more water and this half-gallon water bottle will get you to that goal. It is equipped with a protective sleeve and two zipper pockets, perfect for carrying your phone, cards, and AirPods.

6. Wireless Headphones

Listening to music is a fantastic motivator and time will pass faster on the stair master! So invest in a pair of wireless headphones to keep up with the tempo!

7. Resistance Bands

Long leg days at the gym require warm-ups and resistance bands are an efficient and effective way to begin your workout. Plus, the exercise possibilities are endless with these bands!

8. Ankle Weights

Walking is a great way to stay healthy and active. But, try taking your next hot girl walk to the next level with these adorable, monochromatic ankle weights.

9. Muscle Massage Gun

Even, post-workouts require a little TLC!  A muscle massage gun treats sore muscles and brings them back to life. It comes with 10 different massage heads and 4 adjustable speed levels, perfect for recovery and relaxation.

10. Kettlebell Set

Upgrade those traditional dumbbells for a set of Kettlebells. Fitness experts love to incorporate these in their home workouts because they are great for conditioning and calorie burning!

Take our fitness tips and run with them (literally and metaphorically!). Now that your shopping cart is nice and full, head to the top 10 gym classes in LA for the ultimate sweat sesh.