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Top 10 Fitness Classes in LA

If Los Angeles is known for anything, besides movie stars and traffic, it has to be wellness. LA is the capital of all things wellness, and if you’re at all interested in that category, you’ve probably heard of some of the fitness classes we’re about to list. Out of the hundreds of fitness classes around LA, these are at the top of our LA GIrl list! Whether you’re on a wellness grind and searching for new classes to up your game or just looking to get out and meet some new people while getting in a good workout, we think you will love these fitness classes (p.s. they may kick your butt!).

1. Soul Cycle

Neighborhoods: Brentwood, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Manhattan Beach

We’re guessing you’ve probably heard of Soul Cycle if you live in LA. Soul Cycle is very popular (& for good reason), and that is that it’s an incredible workout and the vibes are always hyped up and energized. Be prepared to SWEAT and make sure to fuel up and hydrate before class because it is a high-intensity and high-energy workout. Standard classes are 45 minutes and available daily at any of their LA locations. Each class is different, so be sure to try out a few of them to find your niche! Every instructor has their own vibe (& great music taste).

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2. Yogaworks

Neighborhoods: Santa Monica

Yogaworks in Santa Monica is a studio that is made for you, no matter where you are in your yoga journey. With various styles of classes to choose from, offering both virtual and in-studio classes, and the option to purchase individual classes to an unlimited monthly membership, this studio is a great fit for all sorts of yogis. Whether you are just starting in your wellness era or if you’re a seasoned yogi, there’s a spot for you at Yogaworks.

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3. Rumble Boxing

Neighborhoods: West Hollywood

Rumble offers a full-body workout with a mix of high-intensity boxing circuits, plus resistance and muscle building with weights. This 10-round, 45-minute class is a course that you can take at your own pace and be in your own zone. Classes are led by instructors, ready to help you with anything you may need, and in a high-energy environment, made to motivate and empower you. Get your gloves on and go!


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4.  Speir Pilates

Neighborhoods: West Hollywood, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Venice

Pilates has got to be one of the most popular workouts these days, not only because it’s a celebrity favorite ( yup, Chrissy Teigen, Elle Fanning, Olivia Rodrigo & Shay Mitchell are fans) and social media hot topic, but because it is a feel-good, empowering workout that will challenge you too. Speir Pilates works with reformers to create a fun workout that also emphasizes form and alignment.  Founder, Andrea Speir, has created a variety of class formats like power+sweat, glutes+abs, and stretch+restore, so there is an option for everybody! And, if you can’t make it in the studio, no worries—they also offer on demand classes that you can do straight from your living room. Choose from 5 minute to an hour workouts which consistently get refreshed each week. Workout formats include either reformer or mat workouts and are a well thought out and well designed the program to keep you on track. It will definitely step you out of your comfort zone and leave your muscles feelin’ it the next day.


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5. Barry’s

Neighborhoods: West Hollywood, Hollywood, Brentwood

Barry’s classes can be found around the world, but it is also a fan favorite here in LA. It is the original HIIT workout that pushes you to your limit with high-intensity cardio and weight sessions, focusing on specific muscle groups in every single class. First-timers can expect circuits of running, lifting, and recovering throughout their class, and instructors to push and motivate you to do your best. After class, get in your post-workout protein at Barry’s Fuel Bar, with some delicious and custom protein shakes tailored to what your body needs after your sweat.

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6. Playground LA

Neighborhoods: Los Angeles

Playground LA is one of the coolest dance studios there is within reach of Los Angeles. With beginner to advanced classes led by some of the best dance instructors in the industry (Come on, it’s LA we are talking about), people can sign up for a $20 class any day of the week. It doesn’t matter if you have never danced before or if you’re a pro, this hotspot has open arms to anyone and everyone! Playground LA teaches hip-hop choreography, heels classes, and even ballroom. This is the go-to spot if you want to have some fun and are over your everyday normal fitness class!

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7. Pure Barre

Neighborhoods: Downtown LA, Brentwood, Beverly Hills

Similar to pilates, a barre class focuses on little movements that target and sculpt your muscles without any intense weights or cardio. Using only resistance bands, light weights, and a ballet barre, you will be shocked at how much you feel the burn, even without sweating a ton. You can attend Pure Barre at any age and any fitness level, which is so welcoming. This is a great class if you’re looking to kick off your fitness journey or are just looking to build a little muscle and feel stronger without facing those crazy, heavy dumbbells that may scare you away from other classes.

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8.  Gloveworx

Neighborhoods: Santa Monica, Century City

Here is another hot spot boxing gym that almost everyone talks about! Gloveworx is a celeb favorite and offers one on ones and small or large group classes, depending on the style you’re looking for. Get in the ring and work hands-on with your instructor discussing boxing technique and getting that cardio in at the same time! This studio offers in-person classes and virtual training sessions daily, so it is flexible with the average LA Girl’s busy schedule. Check out their website to find the perfect class for you, and go on in to check it out!

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9. Air Ariel Fitness

Neighborhoods: West Hollywood, Santa Monica

Have you ever dreamed about doing Ariel Silks? We just found this incredible studio in Los Angeles that teaches Ariel Silks at all levels. Not only is this a great workout, but it’s something new that you can try with your friends! Air Ariel Fitness offers classes for kids, teens, and adults and has different styles of classes depending on what suits you best. Check this off your bucket list by attending one of their fab classes.

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10. SWEAT 60

Neighborhoods: Santa Monica

SWEAT 60 is a fitness studio in Santa Monica that offers personalized programs for each individual that walks through the doors. This is not your standard fitness class, so don’t expect it to be. Upon arriving at SWEAT 60 for the first time, you will have a one-on-one consultation with a trainer to discuss your personal goals. You will then be introduced to your custom program and have the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve the results you want with SWEAT 60. It is such a cool, welcoming approach to the fitness world, and we highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a personal schedule to follow.

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