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7 Vision Board Ideas To Get You Inspired Today

As the new year is about to roll in, we can’t help but think about what 2024 will bring us. To help get ourselves aligned with the new year, making a Vision Board is the perfect way to keep our 2024 goals. But, it can be tricky to know where to get started. Luckily our EIC – Erika De La Cruz excels in this department. She’s been making Vision Boards for years! In fact, she is planning one of the best Vision Board parties of the year and its FREE and virtual. Which means you can do it in your “comfies”. But if you want to make your Vision Board super specific, here are 7 ideas to help you get inspired to creating your Vision Board for 2024.

1. Put Your Name on Your Vision Board

This idea might seem super simple, but it is a crucial tip to start. By putting your name on the board, your subconscious believes that the images you put on the board are your actual reality. Seeing your name close to the things you want to achieve will bring you that much closer to it.


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2. Put a Photo of your “Why” on the Vision Board

A great way to achieve your goals is to ground yourself and remind why yourself WHY you have those goasl in the first place. So, include photos of who and what is driving you. Is. it family or a tangible purpose to motivating you.

3. Write a Letter to Yourself

Here is our Editor-in-Chief’s secret manifestation weapon! Write a letter to yourself from your future self talking about all the goals you accomplished. This hack is the perfect way to reaffirm a positive mindset.

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 4. Put a Photo of Yourself on the Vision Board

Remember that this vision board is centered on YOU and your goals. Add in a photo of yourself to imagine yourself doing and having all the great things on your board in real time.

5. Add a Magic Word to Supercharge your Board

What’s the magic word? Thank You! Adding this phrase expresses gratitude and affirms to the universe that all of your desires are a done deal.

@_erikadelacruz This is my BIGGEST vision board hack. I have “thank you” on every board and placed all around my house to remind me to come from a place of gratitude, knowing that what I want is already mine #manifesting #manifestationmindset #manifestation #attractabundance #manifestationblocks #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #bisionbiard #visionboarding #visionboardtips #visionboardtutorial ♬ original sound – Erika De La Cruz

6. Use Symbolism

A picture is worth a thousand words, and symbols can be the perfect way to represent abstract ideas. For instance, if you want to manifest brighter ideas in 2024, add lightbulbs to your vision board. If you want to manifest a relationship, add hearts!

@_erikadelacruz How to use your visionboard to manifest #manifestationtips #manifestwitherika #visionboardtutorial ♬ original sound – Erika De La Cruz

7. Have a Party to Create Your Board!

A great way to strike inspiration is to create a a space with positive energy from other people while you create a vision board. Invite your friends, put on cute pajamas, and play some fun music for a vision board party. Or, attend a party. We are partnering with Erika De La Cruz for her annual  virtual Vision Board party on January 6th, at 10:30am. Register here!

Now that you’re feeling inspired, here are 3 simple steps to make a vision board that actually works.