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3 Simple Steps to Make a Vision Board That Actually Works

Step 1. Map each area of your life:

This is the single most missed (and most important) step to create a clear vision for the new year. A Vision board that actually works has very clear wants and desires behind the images. For years, I procrastinated on goal-setting for the new year because I didn’t know where to begin. 5 years ago, I mapped out each area, with the important prompts and questions to consider and turned it into a FREE GUIDE. The word “passionista” was cut out and pasted onto that very first Vision Board I created, and within 2 years, I had my best selling book hit the market, called Passionistas, Tips Tales & Tweetables From Women Pursuing their dreams. Half the battle of making a vision board work FOR you, is skepticism. So tell that inner critic to take a seat and start mapping your deepest desires!

Step 2. Feel Strong Emotion While Creating It

The force that separates an action, from an inspired action is the feeling behind it. Attending Vision Board Parties, setting up a time to connect with yourself deeply and feel joy, or have another person facilitate you, takes the difficulty out of doing it alone and invites joy and prompts, so you can sit back and ideate on your future travel, career, (bae?) Identifying my goals & strengthening my self-belief brought me some of the best things in my life and I’d like to say I did this alone, but it’s the exact opposite: I HAD PEOPLE HELP ME. Having someone guide me through outlining what I wanted  &  reaffirm confidence principals that I could go practice on my own, were (and still are) the secret to me maintaining joy and belief that everything the board is possible. RESOURCE: My FREE, live Guided Session to map out your goals, get you into the optimistic state that works best and have a fabulous time is January 9th.  

Step 3. “Vision Barding” is Not a One-Off Event, Build Habits

Finally, you must have habits in place that consistently bring you back to what you are creating this year:

  • Making sure your Vision Board is somewhere you can can see, daily.
  • Reviewing your guide when you feel you’ve lost your way
  • Repeating Morning Affirmations
  • Playing Affirmation Audios
  • Reading Law-of-Attraction books
  • ** Reminding yourself to let go of the “fomo.” There are 100 ways to achieve your desires, stick to one and trust that the universe will put in the other hundred if it sees another route. 

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