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Meet Tracy Sandler, Founder of Fangirl Sports Network

When I first heard about Tracy Sandler, I knew I had to introduce you to her! Tracy is the founder and CEO of Fangirl Sports Network, which is a network of women who bring knowledge, passion and humor to the life of the sports fan. Tracy is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan and has really made a name for herself within the organization.

Even though she lives in West Hollywood, she flies up north for every game! She’s a credentialed member of the press corps and is in the press box every game, attends practice weekly, interviews players from the locker room post-game, attends press conferences, etc. She also hosts Facebook Live for the official Niners Nation page multiple times a month!

Although Tracy is passionate about football, she is super girly and has an extremely bubbly personality. Tracy’s long term goal is to eventually expand the Fangirl brand into every city with an NFL team, and eventually the MLB and NBA.

Tell us about yourself in a tweet.

The girliest sports fan you’ll ever meet. Lover of fashion, family, dogs & fitness. Never met a sequin jersey I didn’t like. 

What’s your favorite thing about LA?

LA is one of the few places where you can sit with friends at brunch, dinner or drinks and say, “I have this crazy idea,” and then you all find a way to make it happen. That doesn’t happen everywhere.

I love how our city is so dog friendly. I have two dogs that are VIPs in my life, and it’s wonderful to be able to take them just about anywhere with me. I’m also an avid exerciser, and even though Body by Simone is my favorite, I love how there is always a new and challenging workout for me to try.

I do realize I was only supposed to pick one, but LA is pretty cool.

Tracy Sandler - Fangirl Sports Network

Photo Credit: Betsy Newman Photography

What is your favorite LA neighborhood? 

I love living in West Hollywood because I’m so close to great bars, restaurants and shops. I can walk to Body by Simone, grab coffee at Alfred in the Alley, then swing by Beaming for a smoothie on my way home.

But, I do really love Venice too because it has such a great, cool vibe. I’m obsessed with Gjusta. I think I could eat there every day!

What has been your favorite LA experience?

I’ve had some pretty incredible experiences in this city, but one I’ll never forget was Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. Kirk Gibson, who had just come off a season-long injury, came up to bat and hit a homerun to win the game. The fans literally went wild, and it was an iconic moment in this city.  To be there, even as such a young kid, was awesome.

Tracy Sandler - Fangirl Sports Network

Photo Credit: Betsy Newman Photography

As an LA native, what’s your best advice to those who are new to Los Angeles? 

Don’t be intimidated! Go out. Smile at people. Experience all that Los Angeles has to offer, whether it’s hiking in Fryman Canyon, visiting the Broad Museum and then brunching at Bottega Louie, spending the day at the Santa Monica Pier, or going to a show at the Greek Theater or Hollywood Bowl. It’s the best way to meet people and to get to know the city.

Also, the city provides so many volunteer opportunities. Take advantage of them! Volunteering is another great way to meet people and give back to the community.

How do people react when you tell them you’re a big sports fan? 

They think it’s really cool because I come off as such a girly girl, but can launch into sports talk with knowledge, passion, and confidence. It usually surprises people in a positive way.

Tracy Sandler - Fangirl Sports Network

Photo Credit: Betsy Newman Photography

Tell us something about you that makes you a complete girly girl.

I get my hair blown out three times a week and manage to incorporate pink and sparkles into my look every day. My dogs even have pink 49er jerseys. Need I say more?

Learn more about Tracy Sandler on her website, Fangirl Sports Network, or follow her on Instagram.