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Binge-worthy TikTok Accounts You’re Missing Out On

Here at The LA Girl, we are simply OBSESSED with TikTok. One of the reasons we all love TikTok so much is because no one’s for you page looks the same. There is a never-ending stream of content to discover every single day, plus there are so many different content creators out there who cover such a wide range of entertaining, motivational, spiritual, and educational content. As a team at The LA Girl, we love to share our favorite TikTok accounts with each other, and now we want to share this special list with you! Here are 11 Binge-worthy TikTok accounts you’re missing out on.

@whattodoinla – Guides to LA

Whether you’re an LA local or just visiting for the weekend, you need to be following @whattodoinla. @whattodoinla is the LA Girl’s TikTok account. Yes, we’re self-promoting, but only because you need this account in your life. In a pinch for a fabulous brunch recommendation? Want to try a new coffee spot? Looking for entertainment in LA? Your answer: @whattodoinla. We could go on and on, but you get the idea. We highlight the best of Los Angeles, from food to shopping, to entertainment, and everything in between. You will never catch yourself saying the words “I’m bored” again.

@whattodoinla Check us out!! #whattodoinla #thelagirl #losangelesbaddies #whattodoinlosangeles #thelagirlapproves ♬ som original – k_jenners

@_erikadelacruz – Affirmations & Manifestation

If your goal is to manifest your dream life, then you need to be following the manifestation queen herself, our Editor-in-Chief, Erika De La Cruz. Erika used the power of manifestation to curate a life of achievement, luxury, excitement, and love. Manifestation helped Erika achieve her dream life and now she is here to show you how to do the same.

LA Girl Tip: Binge her series on vision boarding, affirmations, tips from the universe, and manifestation tips.

@_erikadelacruz Personalized affirmations are a gamechanger💡 #manifestwitherika ♬ F R E K im a movie i should be on replay – emm.

@michellekhxn – Nail Inspo

Part of feeling good is looking good, and what looks better than a fresh manicure? Having a fresh manicure all the time sounds great in theory, but going to the nail salon every two weeks can get so expensive, and to top it off, sometimes our nails don’t even turn out the way we want! @michellekhxn on TikTok knows the feeling all too well. Paying for nails she didn’t even like at the nail salon was getting old, so she decided to teach herself to do her own Gel X Extensions and now she teaches her followers on TikTok, too. If you consider yourself a DIY queen, you will love her page and will probably be inspired to do your own nails just like some of our team members at The LA Girl!

@michellekhxn Reply to @niloofarbenvidi The salon nails were $90 + tip 🥲 #easydiynails #diynailsathome #gelxnails #amazonnailfinds #nailjourney #michellekhxn #fypシ ♬ Diva – Beyoncé

@tasting_tjs – Recipes

If you’re anything like us, Trader Joe’s is your go-to grocery store. We love their variety of easy-to-make foods from different cultures and of course, their seasonal goodies (Fall products are out already!). @tasting_tjs is an account that every Trader Joe’s shopper NEEDS to be following. This account shows you how to make delicious recipes using popular items from Trader Joe’s. If the sound of pistachio sage brown butter ravioli, birria fries, or a even mango wine slushy makes your mouth water, then you need to follow @tasting_tjs immediately for more recipes made with Trader Joe’s items.

@tasting_tjs Dark Chocolate Caramel stuffed Pumpkin Brioche French Toast 😵 the ultimate fall breakfast recipe! Inspired by @fitwaffle #traderjoes #fallrecipes #pumpkinbriochefrenchtoast #chocolate #breakfastrecipes ♬ Hocus Pocus – Winifred Atwell

@latinapreneur – Content Creation Tips & Coaching

If your dream is to be a content creator, this account will be so helpful for you. @latinapreneur on TikTok is ran by content strategist Andrea Casanova. Andrea started her social media agency in 2020 and now works with celebrities and major brands, so she definitely knows a thing or two about running a successful social media account. Scroll her page for content creation tips, brand strategy, career tips, and advice. Fun Fact: She is also a contributor at The LA Girl!

@latinapreneur There’s no better time to become a content creator💡Go to my profile to get started creating on Instagram! #MetaPartner #contentcreationtips #contentcreator #reelstips ♬ original sound – Andrea Casanova⚡️

@vickyjustiz – Fitness Inspo

We love the sense of accomplishment after a killer workout at the gym, but sometimes we just can’t get ourselves to leave the house. Maybe it’s the drive to the gym, the crowds, or the anxiety of working out in front of people that makes us think twice about going to the gym. @vickyjustiz gets it, and that is why she became a fitness influencer. Vicky Justiz built her body in her living room and she can show you how to do the same through her series of home workouts. Her TikTok is home to an endless amount of glute, leg, ab workouts, and healthy recipes. If you’re looking to build that booty and work those abs, run (don’t walk) to her page! Follow her for amazing fitness tips, advice, and motivation.

LA Girl Tip: Check out her “Fit Tips” highlight for fitness tips you may not know about.

@vickyjustiz An open love letter to home workouts 🫶 you can try my home workouts on my app, Daily Thrive 👀✨ #fitnessmotivation #homeworkoutsforwomen #homeworkout ♬ It’s Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

@outtpig – Comedy

If you’re feeling down and need a laugh, do yourself a favor and check out @outtpig on TikTok. @outtpig is a comedy account run by Cameron Perez and his videos are hilarious to say the least. Each of his videos are a one-man sketch where he plays a different type of friend. He has so many unique characters that are each so specific, but yet so relatable. Give his page a scroll and you’re bound to find a character that you relate to or a character that you know IRL.

@outtpig They are most definitely a theater kid #POV #comedy #genz #relatable #bff #friend #greenscreen ♬ original sound – OuttPig – Skincare Tips & Inspo

The key to beautiful-looking skin, as we age, is a consistent skincare routine. Skincare doesn’t have to be luxurious to be effective either. The key is having a routine and sticking to it. If you find yourself lost at where to start, don’t worry, has got you covered! is our go-to account for everything skincare related!

LA Girl Tip: If you don’t know your skin type, click the video below to find out! Which skin type are you? #dermatologist #dermatologydoctor #skintype #skincareroutine #skincaretips #skincare #dryskin #oilyskin #skinhacks #learnontiktok #fypシ #fyp #foryou ♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

@edenvonweiss – Lifestyle

@edenvonweiss might just be the most aesthetic account on TikTok. Whether Eden is exploring the forest, filming a get-ready with me, or trying a new recipe, she is going to make it look like art. Every one of her videos is incredibly soothing and stunning to look at.

LA Girl Tip: Scroll her vlog highlight for all the fall vibes!

@edenvonweiss #minivlog #dayinmylife #pnw #twilight #hike #journaling ♬ I Found – Amber Run

@nick_grajeda18 – Relationships & Comedy

@nick_grajeda18 is an account on TikTok that is home to the highlights of the podcast Suburb Talks. Ever wish you knew how the opposite gender thinks? If so, following this account is a MUST. Suburb Talks covers all things dating, relationships, and life from the female and male perspectives in an unfiltered and hilarious way. If you check out this account, don’t be surprised if you binge the whole thing!

@nickgrajeda18this gon be me👨🏽…👻♬ original sound – nick_grajeda

@excusemygrandma – Advice 

This is hands down the most wholesome (yet hilarious) account you will find on TikTok. @excusemygrandma is an account run by Kim and her Grandma Gail. Grandma Gail gives her Granddaughter Kim the best advice about boys, fashion, and life (and she does not hold back). This duo is hilarious and their bond will give you all the feels!

LA Girl Tip: Binge the “Grandma rates celeb men” highlight; it’s our favorite!

@excusemygrandma Telling grandma I matched with these guys on a dating app but they’re really famous tiktokers @DAVID DOBRIK @Bryce Hall @noah beck ❤️ #dating #datingexpert #datingapp #tiktokboys #grandma #nyc #fyp #foryou #noahbeck #daviddobrik #brycehall ♬ original sound – excusemygrandma