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8 Awesome Things to Be Thankful for in Los Angeles

In LA, we are used to the rise and grind. From squeezing in pilates before work to responding to emails until we fall asleep with our iPhone still firmly attached to our hands, we barely have time for ourselves let alone mindfulness. It’s always a good idea to keep a mental list of things you are thankful for, and what better time than the holidays to reflect on all the good in this beautiful city? Here are 8 awesome things to be thankful for in Los Angeles!


Ah, the sun. Save money on purchasing a bulky winter coat, because you don’t need it here! LA residents never have to deal with shoveling their car out of the snow or their basement flooding because of rain.


LA residents have easy access to so much culture. From concerts at the Hollywood Bowl to perusing the newest collection at the Getty, there is always something new to explore.

Griffith Observatory

Photo: Pixabay


How wonderful is it to live in a place where other people come to vacation? Each beach in Los Angeles has a different vibe for whatever mood you’re in. Relax and take in the views from the beaches of Malibu or head down to Venice to embrace the good vibes and maybe see someone working out at Muscle Beach.


Most people consider LA traffic to be the biggest deterrent from calling Hollywood home, but think of it as a positive instead. You’ve got built in time during your commute home to call your parents, catch up on podcasts, jam to your favorite playlist, or simply breathe and take in the city around you.

traffic in downtown los angeles

Photo: Pexels

Amazing Restaurants

Foodies of LA will gush when telling you about the incredible selection of restaurants from LA. Those with dietary restrictions never have a hard time finding a place to go to lunch.

Proximity to CA Landmarks

California is chock-full of landmarks and getaways for when you need to escape the city. Head down to Disney to meet your favorite princess or drive up to Joshua Tree to reconnect with nature. Whatever you need, it’s just a stone’s throw away from LA.

Photo: Unsplash


Everyone in LA is chasing their dream and working hard to accomplish their goals. With everyone hustling, LA has created a community of acceptance and belonging for the residents of this beautiful city.

Gratefulness is a wonderful practice for maintaining good mental health, so try to think of at least one thing you’re thankful for every day, or give back to your community.