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How to Deal with Stress: 5 Healthy Ways That Work

How to Deal With Stress

With the shock and emotions coming over everyone due to the election results, it’s hard to focus on the positive. Everyone is in grief, pain and distress, asking “What’s next?” and “What does this mean?” and “What happens now?” It has been an intense night, morning, and last couple months for everyone, so here are 5 healthy ways to deal with stress.


It may be hard for you to deal with the emotional aftermath of a stressful situation, so make sure you are taking the time to catch your breath. Better yet, take some time to meditate or go to yoga. Take care of yourself right now.

Get some sleep

Chances are you were up late waiting for the election results and found it hard to go to sleep. Try to catch up on your sleep today by taking a nap or going to bed early. No matter who won, you still have to take care of you!

Distract Yourself

As tempting as it is to troll Twitter all day and watch all the media coverage, this can deeply heighten your stress levels. Limit your intake of the news and try not to be involved with it all day long.


Talk it out and get support

Let your emotions out in the open and talk it out with those who feel the same. It’s no good to keep everything in, so find a supportive circle where you can all express your feelings and deal with the stress and emotions together.


Focus on love and kindness

Even though the results may not be what you wanted, you can trust in the knowing that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps, this is a way for people to come together and be more involved in the things that we do care about.

As President Obama said, “No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning…” And it did. And we now have to accept what has happened and take the first step to deal with the pain and grief.

Throughout the day, take some time to try these 5 healthy ways to deal with stress. It will clear your mind and give you the opportunity to take care your of yourself, look towards the future, and figure out what you want to do next.