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The Ten Best Vintage Stores in LA

From Edwardian chemises, to tulle-laden 1950’s prom dresses, to distressed band tees from the 1970s, there is a vintage piece for every occasion, person, and mood, and we’re breaking down the best vintage stores in LA.

Vintage shopping is an experience in itself, a ritualistic homage-paying to a different time. It inspires the senses in a way that shopping for new, trendy clothes simply can’t compare to.

Putting on a vintage item can turn an ordinary day into a glamorous, anything-is-possible, time-traveling adventure. Not to mention, you are doing the environment a solid by investing in previously worn clothes rather than new ones.

We’ve rounded up the ten best vintage stores in LA, so you can get to treasure-hunting.

Owl Talk

Owl Talk is owned by two sisters and has been providing a beautifully curated, and surprisingly affordable mix of true vintage and contemporary fits for 25 years. They also carry gorgeous jewelry, and have a trunk of highly discounted clothing full of great finds.


Few places do it better when it comes to everyday-wear vintage. Funky boots, and chunky heels line carousel after carousel of unique statement sweaters, graphic tees, 90s baby doll dresses, and 70s bells. They also have an eclectic and extensive collection of accessories (Think: those huge, mosquito-like, teal sunglasses you’ve been pining for…and the perfect scarf to go with them).


Ragg Mopp

With a half-off (and often $10) rack outside, and color-organized vintage party dresses on the inside, Ragg Mopp has something for everybody. While their dress situation is enviable, they also have an incredible selection of graphic tees, cozy sweaters, and gorgeous accessories. The owner is often there, and is one of the loveliest folks you’ll meet. Come in for general good vibes and pretty things.

Lemon Frog

We love this place. It’s divided up by price, so you can stay at the front of the store for more affordable options, and head to the back for special occasions. They have a huge selection of (inexpensive) jewelry, and you get to pick a free gift from a mini treasure chest with every purchase! Come here to find the perfect summer frock. You’ll find three.

Paper Moon

At Paper Moon, you half-expect Rita Hayworth or Jean Harlow floating by you as you peruse glamorous pieces straight out of Old Hollywood. This is also a fantastic place for vintage boudoir wear, and items for the Humphrey Bogart or Clark Gable in your life.

The Bearded Beagle

There’s something soothing about this place. It’s small, yet spacious, and they’re always playing great tunes to shop to. They lean towards bold colorful pieces that will set your outfit apart, but won’t hog all the attention from your pretty face. Bearded Beagle is the perfect place to waltz into on a lazy afternoon, after grabbing a sip of something just down the street at Covell.

American Vintage

American Vintage is a one-stop shop for evening wear and Halloween costumes. It’s a trove of vintage classics-Chuck Taylors, petticoats, denim dresses…you name it. But beware: their inventory is so extensive, it is easy to get lost in the dressing room for hours on end. Bring water and snacks.

Timeless Vixen

Boasting the tagline, “Vintage Couture,” Timeless Vixen is where you come to find the dress you’re going to wear to accept your Oscar. Actually though, they dress tons of celebrities for awards shows. While you may or may not be in the market for a $45,000 Versace gown (yes, they have that), it is still a great place to visit if you love fashion and the styles of yesteryear.

BTS Thrift Store

This is the one store on the list that nudges more towards thrift than vintage BUT, we are putting it on here because of their incredible array of vintage home goods. It’s not to be missed. Come here for fabulous 80s dining sets with bold artwork, check out their collection of vintage ceramics, and leave with just the thing you didn’t know you had to have-it’s that kind of place.

Raggedy Threads

This is your go-to for denim, band tees, suede, and all things Americana. It is dripping with cool and it’s no surprise that it has a sister location in New York. Come here to find that elusive band tee from the 70s you wish your mom hadn’t thrown out.

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