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8 Easy Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes 2022

We got extra lucky this year, with an endless list of movies, shows, and celebrity couples to inspire our Halloween Pinterest boards! From Euphoria lionness Maddie to the infinite Jobu Tupaki in Everything Everywhere All at Once, we gathered the 8 best pop-culture Halloween costumes of 2022.

1. Stranger Things Hellfire Club Leader: Eddie Munson 

Eddie Munson, Stranger Things – Photo By Netflix

While any character in Stranger Things makes the perfect Halloween costume, Eddie Munson takes the cake after dominating this year’s fourth season. And thankfully, all you need is to summon your inner rockstar. 

How To Get The Look IRL

  • As the leader of the Hellfire Club, repping the iconic Hellfire Club shirt is a top priority.
  • A true rockstar fit is not complete without a statement jacket, and lucky for you, we found an exact replica down to the same pins and rips.
  • Eddie would agree that the more rips, the better, so we found you the perfect skinny yet stretchy black ripped jeans.
  • For a true rocker moment, head-bang the night away with Eddie’s signature curly do.


2. Jobu Tupaki in Everything Everywhere All at Once 

Jobu Tupaki, Everything Everywhere All at Once – Photo by Twitter

Costume designer Shirley Kurata perfectly captured the chaos of the multiverse through every one of Jobu Tupaki’s intricate outfits. Her all-white temple dress laced with pearls and crystals was by far our favorite.

How To Get The Look IRL

  • According to Anissa Salazar, the film’s head hairstylist, a combination of braids and ponytail hair extensions were used to complete Tupaki’s bagel-shaped bun.
  • To thoroughly portray the anarchy of the multiverse, stick-on eye pearls are key.
  • An absolute must is her simple yet elegant white long-sleeve gown as a base for this look.
  • A focal element, and our personal favorite, is Tupaki’s statement pearl body chain.
  • To keep up with her unhinged fashion sense, Kurata made sure to add a matching white ruffle collar.
  • As a finishing touch, slip on a pair of white leather gloves for a regal appeal as the ruler of the multiverse.


3. Beyonce’s Renaissance Portrait

Beyonce Renaissance Album – Photo By Agencies

The Queen Bee rocked our 2022 summer with the release of her latest album Renaissance. Lucky for us LA locals, summer never ends, making her cowgirl glam and glittering body chain dress perfect for a spooky season party fit.

How To Get The Look IRL

  • The heart of this look lies in her silver body chain dress, a statement to her courageous and empowering presence not only in the entertainment industry but also as a woman.
  • A cowgirl needs her hat! The classic white and silver color scheme is tied together by Mrs. Carter’s white cowgirl hat.
  • For an overall silver chain style, finish off this powerful look with a pair of silver strap heels.


4. Elvis & Priscilla

Elvis and Priscilla – Photo By PopSugar

Austin Butler and Olivia DeJonge brought us back rock n’ roll power couple Elvis and Priscilla Presley. We’re getting the sense they might be seen at every corner this year! 

How To Get The Look IRL

  • If there is one thing you need to be Priscilla Presley, it’s her classic 60s bump which we found the perfect wig for.
  • The rock n’ roll bride’s look would not be complete without her tiara veil and vintage lace wedding dress.
  • Known for his flashy Hollywood wardrobe, we expect no less than a unique paisley print suit for the king’s wedding day.
  • Because accessories are an Elvis staple, we found this boutonniere so you can nail his look down to the T.



5. Euphoria’s Sweetheart: Maddy Perez

Maddy Perez, Euphoria – Photo by HBO

The world fell in love with Euphoria’s sparkly twist on 2000s throwback fashion. But we’re pretty sure it’s safe to say that all eyes stayed on the confident and fiery, Maddy Perez. 

How To Get The Look IRL

  • To complete her burgundy set, we found a Y2K-inspired bralette and an identical pair of flare pants.
  • Maddy’s diva side is accentuated by her silver hoops.
  • A true Maddy getup never lacks a winged eye, so you know we had to include some glitter eyeliner.



6. She Hulk

Jennifer “Jen” Walters, She-Hulk – Photo By Marvel

The barrier-breaking Jen Walters (a.k.a She-Hulk!) gives us a fresh, new take on the classic American superhero and the modern woman. If you’re on a time crunch, this may be the easiest costume on the list.

How To Get The Look IRL

  • The idea of painting your entire body green might sound horrendous, which is why we recommend this high-pigmented, yet easily washable face and body paint.
  • Now throw on a dandy business suit for the perfect balance of lawyer babe and superhero.


7. Don’t Worry Darling’s Jack & Alice

Jack and Alice, Don’t Worry Darling – Photo By Warner Bros. Pictures

In Olivia Wilde’s dystopian thriller, Don’t Worry Darling, Harry Styles and Flores Pugh step into the lives of Jack and Alice to remind us of the importance of questioning your reality. For those who feel connected to 50s mid-century modern fashion, this is your Halloween costume!

How To Get The Look IRL

8. House of the Dragon (Game of Thrones prequel): Targaryen Family

Rhaenyra Targaryen, House of the Dragon – Photo By HBO

If you’ve been thinking about bleaching your hair, this is your sign. Rhaenyra Targaryen, played by Emma D’Arcy and Milly Alcock, makes her debut in this year’s release of Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.

How To Get The Look IRL


Need a last-minute costume before a Halloween party this weekend? Here are the 10 best places to get Halloween costumes in LA. Good luck! For those of you painted, bedazzled, wigged, and ready to go, check out our ultimate guide to the spookiest cocktails in LA!