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The Energy Practice Sweeping LA & the Doctor Who’s Behind It

The Scoop:

Thought Leaders, celebrities and influencers all seem to be integrating a secret weapon into their weekly routine to help them thrive. As LA locals, we know that the city is home to so many different wellness niches that cycle through popularity in days time, but have you ever heard of Energy Practice? Energy work is certainly not a fad, but an integration of human existence that’s here to stay. Have you ever wanted to create something big in your life, but feel stopped by your literal state of being? For example, person A. wants to take risks, but their nervous system is in an anxious, doubtful state, well this practice is helping thousands transform this to heal and align with their highest frequencies and potential. It’s called Network Spinal and most people may be unfamiliar with it,  but lucky for us, our team had the opportunity to meet LA’s well-known and beloved practitioner, Dr. Christopher George, certified in the highest level of Network Spinal and Chiropractic Care. Upon hearing his title, your mind may bring up images of white coat medical professionals that help you when you have a cold, but his type of practice is a very specific one, requiring noting more than ones energetic space. Two major component of this special practice are frequency and energy. If you talk to any of his practice members, including his celebrity clients, you will hear glowing testimonials and words like “life-changing,” and after experiencing it for ourselves, that’s the only way to really describe what you will experience in his office. If this sounds like something that is calling your name, follow along to discover how Dr. Christopher George is changing lives and can change yours, too, if you’re willing.

What Makes This Practice Special?

As we stated before, this is a very specific type of practice. When we discuss Dr. Christopher George and his work, we’re not talking just “back cracking;” we’re talking about moving energy through the body! Many people throughout Los Angeles refer to him as ‘a facilitator of vibrant living’. Dr. George uses his background and training in Network Spinal and his skill set in positive thought processing to add components like the Law of attraction into his practice, which is a qualitative component that sets this work apart. That being said, the craziest part of this wonderful world is that Network Spinal has nothing to do with the Law of attraction. Instead, it entails calibrating your nervous system to have more energy in your life (so that you can THRIVE) thus, the name of his office: ThriveLA.

LA Girl Pro Tip: This is not the place to go if you are looking for someone just to take away your pain in a one-off session. Instead Chris seeks to take away his practice member’s pain and replace it with something extraordinary, through a lifestyle up-level.

How The Practice And The Magic Intertwine

After getting out of Chiropractic school, Dr. Chris George experienced a rough patch in life. That contrast created an unconscious desire for him to create a better life for himself. After discovering Abraham Hicks and The Secret, he still felt like he was missing a piece of his life journey’s puzzle, but what could he possibly be lacking? He had the vision board, but his manifestations weren’t coming through. With time, he found out through Network Spinal that the gap existed because his energy wasn’t congruent with what he wanted, and there in lied the issue.

So, you’ve heard the Law of attraction (think good thoughts), right? What if you could take it to the level of tuning your physical frequency to the frequency of the opportunities and things you desire most? Dr. George is the man to help you do that, and that is what his practice is all about. From the highest level actors and television stars, to executives and even our LA Girl Editor in Chief, LA leaders have been integrating this practice into their routines for years. Now the secret is out and many are flocking.

Why Does This Practice Exist?

For starters, it exists to help you live more congruently with who you are and what you want in this world. The way that Dr. George assists with this is by helping you get your nervous system more congruent to that state. The more energy you have in your life, the more capability you have to live a vibrant one. If you’re living an energy-poor existence, you don’t have enough energy to do anything but survive. Everyone in this world is seeking to better their lives, and it is so evident that Dr. George is in his true calling; helping people live to their full potential. As a result of regularly seeing Dr. Chris George, some of his practice members have changed career paths, changed their thought patterns from negative to positive, and have healed their energy, which is what it is all about. Most of his practice members leave his office feeling better, from the most skeptical to the most magical. From first-timers to repeat visitors; several of LA Girl team members experienced a session and each of us reported feeling more uplifted, at peace and aligned than when they came in (tears were shed & negativity was released!)

LA Girl Pro Tip: Remember when Cryotherapy took over the wellness space? This is double the energy, double the dream life, without the sub-zero temperatures. Win-win. 😉

How To Know If This Practice Is For You

We’ll start by saying this is not a practice for everyone. “Many people hear about energy work and think, ‘I just want to try it,’ but to be transparent, this is not for the person who just wants to try it. That would be the equivalent of having one session with a personal trainer and expecting a six-pack!,” laughed George. New patients come in with an energy that is affected by a whole life of stressors, and Dr. George can not fix that in one session. Practice members should also be collaborative in nature. That is why he refers to them as practice members and not patients. This modality gives you the tools you need to change your life, but in the end, it is up to you to use them! Check out our special holiday discount code below, gifted by the Doc himself. 😉

LA Girl Reader Discount: $50 off your first visit which will include a history, exam, postural evaluation and entrainment: Book here or call to schedule. This special gift is available now until February 1st, 2023.

Bonus: Dr. George is also available for one-on-one Zoom coaching for those who feel like this is a better fit for them. Visit his website and Instagram for more details about which treatment is right for you!