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Have You Ever Heard of The Art Of Sacred Smoke?

Rituals are the new “routines.” We’ve all been there… checking out our astrology charts, buying a new crystal or longing to add a degree of depth, connection or spirituality to our daily routines… but then “feeling nothing” when we pick up our new bundle of sage or affirmation cards. Does this mean energy isn’t real? No. Consider, it’d be more effective to use your tools via ritual and with understanding.

Hocus Pocus or Practical Solutions?

Founder of SMUDGED , Neelou Malekpour, is teaching us in her new book, The Art of Sacred Smoke, to reconnect with a scared form of spiritual healing and it includes much more than just SMOKE. What does it mean to “protect your space?” We all know the feeling of walking into a situation, place or room full of people and knowing something isn’t right. We may feel something is off or maybe our empathy turns into absorption of the bad ju ju we’re experiencing… and we just can’t explain it. Well, there’s now a handbook that will make you feel oh so normal. It includes real, applicable ways to balance negative energy with the emotions and experience that we want to have in our lives, plus education and inspiration to embark on spiritual rituals. 

Who is the Spiritual Baddie Author?

If you believe that one has to live in a jungle to truly connect with nature, practice breath work or use sacred smoke, guess again. A former NYC resident and law school graduate turned spiritual leader, business owner and baddie, Neelou Malekpour has experienced it all and walks us through ways to use rituals in our daily lives, no matter where we live or what we do for a living. She is a fellow “LA Girl,” but her journey to the city of angels was unlike many. At just 4 years old, her family was forced to flee Iran due to fear of the growing anti-revolutionary views and prosecutions. Neelou and her parents were smuggled out in the middle of the night, into a 17 day journey filled with unforgettable uncertainty. She was separated from both her grandmothers with whom she spent most of her upbringing and years later, when it came time to reunite… a sort of magic ensued that would color her spiritual journey forever. (Read The Art of Sacred Smoke for the rest of the story.)

So How Do I Up My Spiritual Game? FAQ:

If you’re called to become more in touch with spiritual practices, whether it be intention, intuition, or self care, but you don’t know of many practice options, here are just a few recommended:

  • Spend more time in nature
  • Utilize breath work practices
  • Use sacred smoke rituals

What are the areas I can choose to focus on and which rituals help each? Here is a sneak peak to a few focus-areas touched on in the text:

  • Rituals for Support
  • Rituals for Comfort
  • Rituals for Progress



To learn about all of the above practices and focus areas, grab your copy today:

The Art of Sacred Smoke, Energy Balancing Rituals to Cleans, Protect and Empower 

And follow along Neelou’s journey HERE.