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Get A Summer Glow With These Skincare Faves

Summer is here ladies and there’s no better time than now to perfect a summer skincare routine. Our skin is about to get hit with UV rays, unexpected glow (I’m talking about sweat here peeps) dryness from every pool party we go to and sunscreen build up that will be left behind. A little TLC to our skin is what we’ll need and we’ll need the right items to get our skin looking and feeling its best. So let’s glow in the ultimate hydrated way and check out these lightweight, complexion-smoothing, and nourishing products that will have you feeling summertime fine. Keep scrolling to see our favorite Summer skincare goodies.

Osea Malibu

An LA OG! Osea Malibu is a female founded brand led by the science of the ocean. Their line is seaweed-infused, super clean, vegan and have a range of products for the face and body. Some will kick up hydration way up, others are preventative and will help smooth those teeny tiny wrinkles we catch every now and then. Their passion also lies in protecting the earth too. Hint: all of their packaging is sustainable and Osea’s products also smell incredible! You can smell for yourself by visiting their Abbot Kinney skincare studio (where you can also book a facial) but allow me to give you a whiff. Their best seller – which is the Undaria Algae Body Butter – has hints of lime, cypress, and grapefruit. After slathering any Osea product, you’ll smell California coastal chic and your skin will be summer ready.

The LA Girl’s Pick: Pick up their Advanced Protection Cream. It’s a face moisturizer that nourishes and restores. It’s clinically proven to increase hydration by 121%. Another fave is the classic Essential Hydrating Oil. It was the first product developed by the brand in the 80’s and stands the test of time. It helps hydrate and plump skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and will make skin feel soft, smooth, and glowing. 


It’s no surprise that Supergoop is transforming the sunscreen industry. They are literally the experts when it comes to SPF and their products are must haves when you head to the beach. They were also our favorite spot to hit up at Camp Poosh during Coachella weekend. You can’t go wrong in your choices since literally everything has some SPF. So consider yourself protected while wearing anything from their white and yellow bottles. But, what we really love? Their products are not sticky AT ALL and feel really smooth when you lather them on. Plus, they’ve also made it easy to have fresh and beautiful summer skin with their SPF shimmer eyeshadows, mineral powders and hydrating lipsticks. But nothing beats their iconic bestseller – the Play Everyday Lotion – which has an SPF of 50. The perfect swap for your current moisturizer (plus it protects!).

The LA Girl’s Pick: Glow Screen Body and/or the Glow Oil are some of the best products we’ve seen. Both will give your skin a subtle shine while giving you brad spectrum SPF 40 protection. We also love that both are fast absorbing and water resistant. Think of these items as a highlighter to your skin, but instead of on your face, your shimmering all over in that bikini.

Sonäge: The New Natural

We just discovered this skincare disruptor (in a good way, of course), Sonäge. Yes, this made in LA skincare line and skincare studio in Santa Monica (a great place to get a 30 min facial), is 100% female owned and operated by CEO Anisha Khanna, and uses a new natural approach to skincare. They balance science with  botanicals (or pure essential oils) and plant enzymes to deliver sustainable, vegan and gluten free products with no nasty chemicals like phthalates or oxybenzone. Tea Tree Oil and Honey Suckle are just a few of the natural ingredients they use. Their products also cover every skin issue from hydration to texture, wrinkles, and acne (let’s face it summer sweat leads to breakouts). Their “claim to fame” is the Vitality Nourishing Face Oil. It’s like a spa in a bottle. This oil is EWG certified (meaning it meets the highest standards for you health) and has Argan and Marula oil (smells great BTW ) to protect from free radicals and gives instant hydration and radiance. Use that with their award-winning Frioz Ice Globes to tone, lift and decrease puffiness. You can even download the AR Facelift on IG for a full tutorial. 

The LA Girl’s Pick: The new Refixion Sans Retinol Crème is a game changer in the Retinol space. It has a retinol alternative, a plant extract called Bakuchiol, but offers the same benefits minus the irritation and sensitivity associated with retinol. You’ll always have to wear sunscreen when using any retinol product, but this crème is a little gentler. We like to use this one at night and when you run out, you refill it with a refillable package. Much nicer to the environment.

Fourth Ray Beauty

If you know and love the LA makeup brand, Colourpop, then you’ll love their skincare goodies -Fourth Ray Beauty It’s high-quality and affordable (we’re talking under $25), so you won’t feel guilty about treating yourself to some fabulous products for the summer. They’ve also made things easy by putting together sets of products targeted for specific skincare goals. They pretty much have everything. From cleansers to masks to body creams too.

The LA Girl’s Pick: After a long day in the sun, we treat our faces to their Overnight Success Mask which works hard to promote skin renewal while you get some beauty sleep. We also throw on a Kiss & Tell. It’s a lip patch mask that sends a burst of hydration to your lippie. I mean, who doesn’t want a perfect pout at the pool?


Let’s face it. When we start layering on creams, serums, and sunscreen we can create a top layer of buildup that not even our best cleansers can get. So investing in a real good exfoliant for summer is necessary. We stumbled across a brand called Sanitas. The pure, non-toxic and effective skincare line, has a variety  of exfoliants like brightening peel pads, glycolic acid treatments, and lactic cleansers to really wash away the residue that summer has left behind.

The LA Girl’s Pick:  We are obsessed with the Lemon Cream Scrub. It’s rich in antioxidants and lipids ( a plumping restorative molecule) that buff away dead skin cells, and unclogs debris left behind. This way, your skin is ready to absorb the ingredients in your serums and moisturizers to work even better. It also leaves you with a nice little glow and smells lemony fresh, but in a subtle way. After that, be sure to throw on theirVitamin C Moisturizer  to keep your summer bright look going.


Achieving the best summer skin also comes down to nourishing and restoring the skin on our hands too. Let’s face it, our hands really need the same care as our faces do. Honestly, they get way more exposure and sometimes will need even more hydration. To get it, it starts with the soap you’re using. Soapply is a new brand on the market made with clean, food-grade ingredients like organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils and rosemary extract and aloe that will leave skin clean, balanced and healthy. Plus they’re reducing waste by putting their soap in re-useable glass bottles ( they have 3 different finishes) and they’re super pretty to have on the counter too.

The LA Girl’s Pick: Check out their Starter Set. It has everything to get you on a Soapply routine plus it comes with a mini bottle for cleaning on the go. Great to pack in the beach bag!
Now that you’ve got your skin ready, time to pick up some summer fashion pieces. Check out our guide to the best summer trends.