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Refocused for the New Year with Alo x Ride Alto


The LA Girl team joined Ride Alto x Alo for an afternoon of re-centering. Alto is a mindful yet elevated take on rideshare. The rideshare experience is a unique one as we know it. You may need to work, you may need to charge your phone, or you may just need a ride to the airport that is comfortable and safe to focus on what you have happening. If so, Ride Alto is for you. Not to mention: they are the only rideshare company that can pick you up curbside at the airport. 
Alo, which stands for Air, Land, Ocean is all about inspiring wellness. Rooted in what they call ‘studio-to-street’ their goal is to bridge the practice from the mat with the practice of life. Blending contemporary styles and luxury garments and textures to create styles that perform well and wear well. (Pictured above, Bachelor Nation’s Kristina Schulman steps out in her Alo Rust.)


Alo Sanctuary on the second floor of the Alo Store at The Grove LA. The studio was open style with an accordion door that opened completely to the balcony where complimentary coffee and teas were served. The drinks were delicious (and decorated) from everything from iced chai lattes to branded cappuccinos. The view sat directly across from The Cheesecake Factory but still felt exclusive and private for attendees.


Ride Alto partnered with Alo for a socially distanced wellness event for attendees to ‘Refocus their New Year’s Resolutions.’ A moment to get centered and take some time to be present. The event was complete with a 40-minute yoga session.
Attendees were gifted all things wellness: Rust colored pieces from Alo’s collection. Their 7/8 High Waist Airlift Leggings, the Corset Bra Top and their Sprinter Jacket; shampoo, conditioner, a notebook and Alo’s award winning Magnesium Reset Spray; all of the things that prepare you for a refocus. This was perfect timing since the first month of the year is coming to a close. It’s easy to make plans at the start of the month, but the end of the month is a perfect time to regroup and make sure you stay on track. Post-session, guests enjoyed brunch, DIY açaí bowls, mini parfaits, mini avocado toast and assorted pastries.


This event encouraged attendees to refocus on new years resolutions. It encouraged everyone to take a moment to get back to what’s important and often times that starts with how we care for ourselves. When you need to rideshare, Ride Alto is the experience we all deserve (snaps) and when it comes to wellness and performing in style (bonus points if you’re a yoga lover,) Alo is a brand that will certainly make you feel your best.

Photos, courtesy of Lindsey Marie Photography