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The 5 Best All-Natural Markets in LA

One of our favorites things about living in LA ( besides the gorgeous weather, obvi) is that this cool city of ours takes the healthy living lifestyle VERY seriously. Our markets and grocery stores are stocked with some of the freshest produce and goods you really can’t find anywhere else. It helps that most of these markets are within walking distance in certain areas which makes cooking less of a struggle. Yes, we get it, some of these markets can be intimidating and the nerves will overcome when trying to navigate through it all. That’s where we come in babes! We’re breaking down our picks for the best all-natural markets in LA that pose as a cool hangout and a go to spot to get every ingredient on the list.  Health newbies and vets you’ll love this! 

1. Lazy Acres Natural Market

Address: 1841 N. Western Ave. (Los Feliz) 

We are so happy that Lazy Acres’s just opened their newest store in Los Feliz. They have additional locations in Long Beach and Hermosa Beach, but we were able to get a preview of their newest location and it is beautiful. First of all, Lazy Acres are not rookies in the health and wellness industry. In fact, their first store in Santa Barbara has been open since 1991. At Lazy Acres, you’ll find fresh organic produce, wellness supplements, body care, a juice and coffee bar, plus a full rack of organic wines. But, that’s not all.  They also offer a variety of wellness workshops and educational food, nutrition and cooking classes for all ages (perfect for an LA Girl if she’s still learning her way around the kitchen).

2. Bristol Farms

Various locations throughout LA

At Bristol Farms it’s all about healthy and gourmet foods. There are about 9 locations throughout LA. Our fave markets are in Weho and Hollywood. While they do carry all-natural staples and wellness supplements, they also put fun, delicious twists on seasonal favorites. The market is currently spotlighting the hatch chile with offerings like a Southwest Hatch Tortellini Salad and a Hatch Pepper Cream Cheese. Most celebrity chef products can be found here too (psst…Chrissy Tiegen’s famous banana bread mix is here). While you’re there, don’t forget to treat yourself to one of their beautiful floral bouquets or pick up one of their yummy cold pressed juices.

3. Erewhon

Various locations throughout LA

The mecca of all LA natuaral markets is Erewhon. Yup, we couldn’t leave this LA staple from the blog. It’s not only a favorite for LA locals, but it’s also become a top tourist destination too. People from all around the world will flock here to get their hands on a celeb’s smoothie concoction. We recommend Becky G’s or Hailey Bieber’s. We can’t blame anyone either. Their satisfyingly organized aisles are well worth the browse for products meant to truly improve your health and wellness. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are made easy at their hot bar and cafe. You can even grab fresh juices or smoothies to go. Get those cameras ready too, because it’s been know that Hollywood’s famous names have frequented this market year round. They have a total of  9 locations in LA, and are about to open their 10th in Pasadena. 

4. Trader Joe’s

Various locations throughout LA

Trader Joe’s is the “old-faithful” of all-natural markets. Their numerous Los Angeles stores guarantee that healthy ingredients are always within reach. They’ve got all your healthy basics covered, but their specialty foods is what makes us visit day in and day out. Many of their frozen and pre-made meals are healthier than the competition, and they often come at a better price point too. In case you didn’t know, pumpkin spice season is upon us so make sure you check out their seasonal faves like pumpkin butter, gluten-free pumpkin bread, and more. FYI: Their fall favorites hit shelves September 6th.

5. Sprouts Farmers Market

Various locations throughout LA

If your recipe calls for a super-specific healthy ingredient, odds are, you’ll find it at Sprouts! They’ve got a wide selection to cover every dietary need like plant-based, keto, gluten-free, non-GMO, and more. Here, you can also get your full list of  healthy groceries and also meet your budget. Sprouts has a ton of locations in LA, sprouting (see what we did there?) from Redondo Beach to Eagle Rock. Before you go, check out their site for weekly ad deals, digital coupons, and deals of the month. 

After you’re done getting everything on the shopping list get your wine and cheese fix at the iconic Cheese Store of Beverly Hills!