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A Custom Workout for The Busy LA Girl by My Body Taylor

We are all busy! Busy with work, the daily grind, and keeping up with our social media channels, it’s hard to get time in for a workout! So when I learned about Carolyn Taylor Bosco, of My Body Taylor, I wanted to know more about her, her business and her LA lifestyle.

Describe your business in a tweet.
Mybodytaylor.com is where you can get your body tailored thru programs designed specifically for your life & your goals!

What are you most proud of with your business?
What makes me most proud is the fact that I’ve been able to help several girls go from feeling just “okay” to feeling amazing & their best!! My Body Taylor doesn’t just help you get the physical body you want, but the energy
and mindset to reach any of your life goals.

What makes your business unique?
My Body Taylor is unique because you can get a full workout program designed specifically to meet your schedule, environment and goals. You not only get the program for a fraction of the price that an in-person personal
trainer costs, but you also get your hand held through your entire health journey by your trainer. Anytime you need support, it’s there. Most online programs leave you on your own, whereas My Body Taylor truly guides you and
keeps you motivated.

Why should LA girls be your customers?
LA is clearly blessed with some of the very best weather, so it’s the perfect place to have your own workout program designed for you that does not involve having to be inside of a gym. In fact, you can choose whether your workouts use any equipment at all, so you can get it done anywhere. People in LA are always on the go, trying to make their dreams come true so sometimes making it to that workout class on time or to the gym without having to sit in traffic is not realistic. With My Body Taylor, your program will be designed to make it extra convenient for your lifestyle,
making your fitness success a guarantee.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
I see my business expanding and opening up a studio that is more of a mini resort, where you can go and attend a session or class, but also stay to hang out and work from your computer in the creative space relaxing area. Clients will be drinking the best smoothies to recover from their kick-ass workout while they get some work done on their computers while relaxing outside! Oh, and a world tour of workout classes on stage with an awesome DJ would be in order!

What’s been your favorite LA experience?
My favorite LA experience within the 6 years I’ve lived here is honestly the hiking. Living in a city is always much more exciting to me when I can keep my mind fresh by escaping to a peaceful outdoor space. The fact that there are hikes such as Runyon and Temescal make my weeks much more enjoyable. It’s a little breath of fresh air to clear your mind so you can make room for more to come!

Carolyn created a custom workout called The Busy LA Girl’s 15 Minute Metabolism Booster. She gives us six moves to be repeated 2-3x in 15 minutes.

My Body Taylor

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If you want to get your body tailored with a personalized plan, go to mybodytaylor.com!