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10 Tasty LA Poke Restaurants You Need To Try Right Now

LA Poke Restaurants

Bowls, Bowls, Bowls! Bowls have become the latest food trend sweeping LA, ranging from acai to poke. Poke originates from Hawaii, and is seasoned raw fish varying from tuna, salmon, shrimp, octopus and more!

This simple traditional Hawaiian dish has undergone a trendy makeover with what are now customizable bowls. With endless options for toppings and combinations, you can dress up your bowl so it is Instagram ready! Poke is hearty, appetizing, unique and addictive! Join the fever, here’s 10 tasty LA poke restaurants you need to try right now!


PokiNometry allows you to customize your bowl with the freshest ingredients. Choose from either a chip, rice, harusame, salad or wrap base. Don’t know what sides to get? No, problem, try them all! Then top it off with an original nometry sauce!

Ohana Poke Co.

Ohana Poke Co. is a family owned business with two locations in Downtown and Silverlake. They bring flavors from around the world like with their Scottish salmon and Spanish Octopus. Their goal is to provide health oriented and yummy food for the community. After all, Ohana means family!

Mainland Poke Shop 

Whether you choose to try one of their signature poke bowls, like the So Cali with salmon, coconut sauce, sweet onions and jalapeños or the That Fire with ahi, sriracha, wasabi aioli and chili flakes, or decide to build your own bowl, you will have a very satisfied tummy!

Wiki Poki

Wiki Poki strives to provide a piece of Hawaiian paradise during a stressful day. And don’t forget to ask for their signature ingredient to make your bowl extra special. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the poke.

AhiPoki Bowl

AhiPoki Bowl’s menu is inspired by the diversity of the people and culture in local Cali communities with a Hawaiian fusion. Choose from protein like kimchi shrimp or sauces like garlic soy, wasabi citrus, or the house sauce.

The Poke Shack 

Choose from sizes like the “Lil Daddy” and the “Big Daddy” and toppings like watermelon radish, macadamia nuts or smelt eggs. The Poke Shack offers an authentic “Hawaiian” experience with their made to order smoothies containing no sugar or syrups, Hawaiian kettle chips and tropical drinks.


Couple and co-founders Jason and Trish Austin produce food for adventurous eaters. Pick from signature times like the Original “OG” Poke Bowl and the Wasabi Poke Bowl. Poke-Poke also offers fresh acai bowls!

Sweet Fin Poke

Sweet Fin Poke’s philosophy is from the “Pole to Bowl,” meaning they aim to use the highest quality fish. Chefs have brought back the flavors of Hawaii and combined it Californian cuisine! Complete your meal with taro chips and house infused iced teas or coconut water!

Sea Salt Poke

Choose from signature Poke like the new Honey Garlic Shrimp or the Poke Pizza which is only available in Saturdays. Need I say more?

Spinfish Poke House

Spinfish Poke House was started by 2 friends who shared 1 dream: to create a space where people could enjoy food that excited their tastebuds. BYOB or select a signature bowl like the Caribbean, Gingerama or the Coco Loco!

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