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8 Awesome LA Outdoor Workouts Every LA Girl Needs to Try Right Now

outdoor workouts in la beach yoga

Working out doesn’t have to take place in a stuffy gym basement or boring studio. Whether you’re more of a beach yoga kind of girl or ready to hike, there is an outdoor space in LA for every workout.  Skip the studio and get into shape in the sunshine with these 8 LA outdoor workouts every LA girl needs to try right now!

Culver City Stairs

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook (commonly referred to as the Culver City stairs) boasts steep steps with incredible views of Los Angeles. Parking is free and easy on Jefferson, so no long walks from a parking lot to the site.

Santa Monica Stairs

For those who like an ocean view during their workout, the Santa Monica Stairs is a free way to get cardio in while taking in Pacific vistas.

LA Outdoor Workouts - Santa Monica Stairs

Photo: LA Times Blogs

Biking on The Strand

This 22-mile bike path hugs the shore, so after an invigorating ride you can reward yourself by relaxing on the beach. This path is flat and smooth, so you’ll be able to ride for miles easily and log some cardio time.

Runyon Canyon

If you do some celeb spotting while you work out, pack up your sneakers and head to Runyon Canyon. This three mile loop is dog-friendly, so if you don’t see your celeb crush you can always pet a cute dog.

LA Outdoor Workouts: Runyon Canyon

Photo: Curbed LA


One of the most unique outdoor experiences is YOGAqua in Marina Del Rey. You’ll practice yoga on a paddle board on the water. Beginners are welcome and you’ll be trained on your paddle board before getting into the yoga portion of class. Can you think of anything more relaxing than doing a sun salutation on the water?

BootCamp LA

Those visiting the historic LA Brea Tarpits may see prehistoric animal sculptures, caged pits of tar, any maybe even a group of motivated people doing group flutter kicks. Bootcamp LA offers early morning and after work sessions, so there’s no excuse to miss your workout.

outdoor workouts la: bootcamp

Photo: Bootcamp LA

Griffith Park

Griffith Park encompasses over 4,300 acres of Los Angeles with hiking trails, grassy fields, and breathtaking views. During your workout you can take a break to explore the Griffith Park Zoo, Griffith Observatory, or take some Instagram photos by the Hollywood sign. Talk about a productive workout!

La Cienega Park

La Cienega is a beautiful and well-maintained park that is frequented by the residents of Beverly Hills. You can cancel your monthly gym membership because this park has free outdoor fitness equipment – it’s like a playground for adults!

Outdoor Workouts LA: La Cienega Park

Photo: City of Beverly Hills

Don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast before your workout! We love these seven overnight oat recipes to fuel up.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Bike List