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10 Best LA Museums You Need To Visit Right Now

LA Museums: The Broad

There is never a dull moment in Los Angeles – from the beaches to all of the shopping centers, there is always so much to see in the City of Angels. One thing that is a must for every Los Angeleno and tourist to do when in LA is to visit one of the many fascinating and brilliant LA museums.

There’s so many to choose from – contemporary art to photography, science, music, and more! Here are 13 LA museums you need to visit right now – they are calling your name!

1) The GRAMMY Museum

If you’re a music lover (who isn’t?!) then the GRAMMY Museum is definitely the place for you! One of the biggest nights in the entertainment world is, without a doubt, the GRAMMYs, and at the GRAMMY Museum, you’ll be able to learn all about the history of the renowned award show and be exposed to various genres of music and the phenomenal musicians that make that genre of music loved and respected by many.

One of the many things that visitors enjoy from this museum is how interactive it is. It is a brilliant museum that really changes your perspective on music. An entire floor, dedicated to red-carpet looks, plus interactive booths to listen to your favorite with surround sound.

2) Los Angeles County Museum Of Art (LACMA)

As soon as you hear the word, “LACMA,” the first thing that pops into everyone’s head is the Urban Light exhibit. It’s the best place to capture a great photo for your Instagram account. However, just as beautiful as LACMA is from the outside is as marvelous as it is when you go inside.

LACMA is now known for being the largest art museum in the West Coast and it has a collection of many awe-inspiring pieces from all over the world. Whether it is contemporary art or art from Latin America, Asia or Islamic art, what you can see at LACMA is truly endless. In fact, LA residents even get free admission after 3:00 PM.

All about getting artistic! From modern day takes on snap chat to traditional portraits, the LACMA museum is a place to see others’ projects come to life and foster ideas fro your own. It is enclosed by an artistic bundle of towering light pillars, as seen in films like No Strings Attached & Valentines Day. These pillars are a routine stop for LA natives and tourists alike looking to capture grammable (or tik-tok worthy) content. There is also a cafe/restaurant sitting outside the museum, overlooking the pillars that’s a great stop for date night or a day out. My hubby and I stopped in for a Valentines Day menu one year and did not regret it. The museums programming alone can keep one busy year round with events and exhibits for all your senses.

Quick copy/Paste Location: 2905 Whilshire Blvd.

3) The Broad

The Broad Museum just opened up to the public in 2015 and it has already established itself as a must-see in Los Angeles. The Broad is located in downtown Los Angeles and it showcases a total of 2,000 eye-opening works of contemporary art.

Admission into The Broad is free, but you need to get your free ticket admissions in advance on The Broad website. Plus, the Infinity Room at The Broad is something you cannot miss – it’s a room filled with mirrors and LED lights which offers a galaxy type of display. There is very limited space into the Infinity Room, so make sure you reserve your separate, free reservation for the installation. Check out this post before planning your visit to The Broad.

4) Getty Center / Getty Villa 

From European art, breathtaking sculptures, art from the present day and more, you can see it all at the Getty Center. Entrance into the Getty Center is free, but you do have to pay for is parking.

Before you know it, you’ll be taking the tram up to see all of the beautiful artwork displayed both inside and outside of the Getty Center. Related to the Getty Center is the Getty Villa, another hotspot to visit. The Getty Villa is located in Malibu, however, with its artwork inspired from ancient Greece and Rome, it will feel as though you took a trip to another country and left California for a few hours.

Explore ancient Egyptian traditions, art from the middle ages, modern architecture and even  the study of time. The Getty Museum is one of the more educational centers in Los Angeles when it comes to general human history! Can’t make it to Europe to explore ancient ruins or cathedrals? The Getty will have something for you.

Quick copy/Paste Location: 1200 Getty Center Drive

5) Natural History Museum of Los Angeles 

Whether you want to get up close and personal with some dinosaurs, see some beautiful gems and minerals or even get the chance to see some amazing butterflies flying about, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles has a countless amount of incredible exhibits for you to see and be left in awe over.

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles has exhibits for mammals, birds, insects, and more, and the museum puts in a great effort to recognize the earth’s biodiversity and help with conservation. A day at the Natural History Museum is bound to be an exciting one!

6) Annenberg Space For Photography

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Enter in the wonderful world of photography at the Annenberg Space for Photography where you can see a vast collection of both digital and print photography.

The Annenberg Space for Photography also showcases many fascinating and remarkable exhibits. For instance, the museum recently had the popular #GirlGaze exhibit which encouraged women to continue working on their passion for photography.

The museum always has a lot of exhibits in store for people to admire, so be sure to stay tuned for all of the other upcoming exhibits making its way to the Annenberg Space for Photography.

7) Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

If you’re planning a museum day, then the Museum of Contemporary Art, aka MOCA, should definitely be at the top of your list! MOCA has so much to share with art lovers that it even has three locations in Los Angeles: MOCA Grand Avenue, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, and MOCA Pacific Design Center. From still life, to furniture, great architecture, sculptures, and more, a day at MOCA is a day well spent.

8) Museum of Neon Art 

Art comes in all forms, and another museum that showcases an interesting form of art is the Museum of Neon Art. Spending some time at the Museum of Neon Art will certainly brighten up your day. The museum, which is located in Glendale, California, showcases iconic neon signs that you’ll love to snap some great photos of.

9) Petersen Automotive Museum 

The Petersen Automotive Museum is hard to miss with its building’s unique architecture. The museum is every car lover’s heaven. It showcases vintage cars, race cars, and just about every single person’s dream car is exhibited at this awesome museum.

Cars certainly have such a great impact in our lives, especially here in Los Angeles (hence the infamous LA traffic) and the Peterson Automotive Museum not only shows so many terrific automobiles but it also gives a more in depth look at the history of cars and its importance in our lives.

10) Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Last but certainly not least. This list would not be complete if we didn’t include The Academy of Motion Pictures. A new museum about the past, present, and future of film. Experience and enjoy exhibitions of Hayao Miyazaki, Stories of Cinema, The Oscar Experience, and more! If you are a movie lover (even if you are not), this museum is definitely worth visiting. (Note: This museum screams Instagrammable photos)

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