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Everything You Need to Know About La La Land Kind Cafe

There is a cool coffee shop in town and we love it a latte! Ever heard of La La Land Kind Cafe? Bet you have. It’s the popular coffee shop decked out in a blend of bright white and yellow minimalist decor with enough cozy seating to grab a coffee, latte, or maybe an avo toast. There are 4 cafes in Los Angeles. One in Santa Monica, Calabasas, West Hollywood, and The Grove. Every location has the friendliest staff ever. Seriously, they’ll sometimes say “Love you, bye!” as they hand you your organic coffee. But there is more to these cafes (fyi: there are 8 of them in Texas)  than just your average joe. La La Land Kind Cafe is a cafe with a purpose. Any customer coming in is helping their goal of making a real impact in the community. We can’t wait to spill all the details on everything you should know about our favorite cafe in LA and we hope it becomes your new coffee go-to too!

Coffee & More

The second you walk into the doors of La La land Cafe, all the chaos from the outside world begins to slowly fade. We’re totally obsessed with their one of a kind menu (with vegan options too), their attention to detail for their space and products (yup they have merch), and their welcoming staff. Their organic coffee & snack menu has decadent lattes that include a lavender latter or a milk and honey latte. Matcha is also on the menu and are a part of their popular signature drinks like their butterfly matcha latte: a refreshing drink with blue butterfly pea flower, matcha, milk,(tastes like fruity pebbles), poured over ice. For snacks, there are 2 options for avocado toasts. The m.a.k.a toast, which has almond butter, berries and bananas or “the queen” (our favorite), which has mashed avocado, cream cheese, everything seasoning, chili flakes, and lemon. The cafes also have lemonades, teas, and a few more options for toasts.


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The Locations

We love every La La Land Kind cafe in LA, so allow us to introduce you to the locations. 

1. LaLa Land Kind Cafe on Santa Monica

Location: 1426 montana ave #1, Santa Monica, CA 90403

This is the first ever La La Land Kind Cafe location in California. The iconic yellow and white color scheme, and bright, airy vibe adds to the vibe of Santa Monica. When you walk inside, the staff welcomes you with infectious smiles while catchy tunes play overhead. We highly recommend you stay a while! The layout inside is intimate and has self-love post-its all around. The vibe is so inspiring and is the perfect place to be productive if you work remotely. The entire experience is a feel good experience and you’ll leave feeling like a better person.

2. La La Land Kind at The Grove

Location: 189 The Grove Dr. Suite G1C, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Walking around the Grove and shopping can be exhausting. This location is the perfect pit stop for an afternoon pick me up. The exterior of this location is so gorgeous. The cobblestone walkway and outdoor seating transports you to a European city. You could spend hours here enjoying a cup of coffee or matcha with a friend as you discuss life’s latest. The interior is so aesthetically pleasing from the warm lighting from their iconic chandelier to their cozy couches. The minimalism in this cafe gives a chic feel and this vibe carries on into the night. Once the outdoor string lights come on, the place totally transforms to a “night in Paris.”

3. La La Land Kind Cafe at The Commons

Location: 14799 Commons Way Ste E, Calabasas, CA 91302

Similar to their Grove location, La La Land Kind Cafe at the Commons in the valley is the perfect pit stop. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see beautiful bright yellow flowers and white umbrellas. The space is so gorgeous and it is the perfect place to grab a coffee, relax, and even work remotely on the weekdays. The staff continues to be beyond lovely and there is a calming ambiance about this location that really helps you to unwind (there’s even a nearby koi pond to check out).  There are inspirational quotes, messages, and artwork throughout the space to promote positivity and uplift the spirits of their valued guests. We promise you’ll leave feeling fulfilled after spending time here, eating delicious food, and sipping on some yummy drinks.

4. Cafe de LaLa (by La La Land)

Location: 8361 W. 3rd St. Cafe de LaLa, Los Angeles, CA 900448

If you thought our favorite LA cafe couldn’t get any better, then you have to go to the new reserve location in West HollywoodCafe de Lala. This location carries the same Parisian-inspired aesthetic with their classic lighting, chic structure, and signature colors. However, they have totally taken their menu and experience to a new level at this location. They have a full wait staff and new food & drink options that you won’t be able to find at the other locations. This is a perfect spot to have a sit down and connecting meal with close friends and  family.


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La La Land Kind Cafe’s Purpose

Like we mentioned, La La Land Kind Cafe is a cafe with a purpose of hiring and mentoring foster youth and normalizing kindness. The founder, Francois Reihani, combined both his passions for hospitality and helping his community when he opened the cafe. His purpose for La La Land Cafe is to empower foster youth as they aged out of the foster care system through employment and mentorship opportunities. The mission of the cafes is also to prioritize social responsibility and donate a portion of profits to charitable causes. They also support sustainable practices with their eco-friendly packaging. These cafes defintiely go beyond just serving food & drinks. La La Land Cafe cares about your mental health and well-being and have curated a space where you can find happiness and leave wanting to spread kindness. We cannot wait for you to check out La La Land Kind Cafe, especially if you’re searching for a unique cafe experience. 

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