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The LA Girl Guide To Waxing, Sugaring, or Lasering It All Off

Hi, beauty! If there’s one thing we know about body hair here at the LA Girl, it’s that you have options. It’s up to you (and totally gorgeous whatever you decide to do) to keep it, grow it, pluck, tweeze, braid, dye it, or shave it all off. If you have it, flaunt it. And, if you don’t want it, we’ve got you covered for that too. We picked some of LA’s top hair removal places, and also throw in a few you can do in the comfort of your own home, right before you head to that pool party. The beautiful thing about hair removal is that once again, you have choices, and you can find which one is most effective and worth it for you. 

LA Girl MUST: For all of these recommendations, it’s very important to listen to what the professional tells you and follow their rules for the specific treatments. If they say no sun for 24 hours, it’s movies and mimosas inside, baby. 

Laser Hair Removal

Patience is the name of the game for choosing this route, as it can take several treatments before you start to see stubble-free results. Laser hair removal uses pulses of laser light to destroy the hair follicle and can offer a more permanent approach to rid yourself of body hair. If this method intrigues you, check out LaserAway. They have multiple locations all throughout LA, New York City and more, so you can keep up with treatments while you travel and stay up to date on the latest technology. 

-Our experience is that the thinning of hair growth on your way to “zero” is worth the journey itself. (Note: Different skin types will have different reactions to treatment, as well as results.)

-Don’t wear undies if you don’t have to to the treatment if you’re going “Brazilian” and remember to shave completely 24 hours before treatment.


Ah, the old friend of hair removal. Her words can kind of sting and hurt sometimes, but she does the job. If you are looking for quick results that will leave you bare and beautiful in every crevice you plan on showing the world, waxing may be a great choice for you. We got the inside scoop from Yvonne Diaz, one of LA’s top Estheticians and owner of Loqui Beauty, on how to make the waxing experience less hairy in all ways. Her top three tips: 

Use an oil after your shower to help soften hair and also a few hours after your wax to help soothe and heal. My favorite right now is Bushbalm.

-Exfoliate the day before your appointment. This helps with dead skin and allows the hair to slide out. 

-As your waxer does small sections, participate in holding your skin where she/he directs you, and stretch into the position she needs. Don’t be shy! This creates the skin to be stretched properly, lessening the pain and bruising and property removing hair. 

We also were lucky to catch up with Inez Laval, celebrity waxing professional and skincare brand owner about maintenance and choosing your dream waxing guru. “Seeing your esthetician every 4 weeks, as well as exfoliating, and hydrating in between appointments will have you smoother longer. Another key to having the best experience and getting the results you want is finding the right esthetician that understands your waxing needs. The right esthetician can make your waxing experience amazing and fun. The wrong one can make it a terrible experience and turn you away from waxing. So do your research and find that esthetician who will have you wanting to make waxing a part of your beauty routine.” 


Sugar, lemon, and water sound like the beginning of a delicious summer beverage, but it is also the ingredients of a sugaring paste, leading to a superior method of hair removal. Sugaring has time-tested results and removes both the hair and root, so hair growth may come back thinner and weaker after several treatments. If this method sounds sweet to you, check out the experts at SugaringLA. If you want to get your sugaring content on before, check out the TikTok of Olga Z, hilarious local sugarista and owner of Sugaring Los Angeles. She makes it very entertaining and comforting as to what to expect before your sugaring sesh. 

For ongoing self-care and body hair removal, check out celebrity waxing professional Inez Laval’s line. She and her team are committed to inclusivity, high quality, and award-winning solutions for anyone looking to remove body hair or just make their skin shine a bit brighter. 

Whichever one you decide is right for you, we are right there holding your hand and helping you breathe through it.