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See a Concert at The Most Famous Venues in LA

Los Angeles is known for hosting the most unbelievable concerts you’ll ever experience in your life. From star-studded stages to pulsating beats, LA’s concert scene will leave you absolutely thrilled and craving more. Over the past couple of decades, the city has really transformed the concert scene by developing arenas and stadiums to create memories that will last a lifetime. Some arenas and stadiums are iconic LA sites which is why everyone who comes to visit the City of Angels wants to make sure these places are on their itinerary. Keep reading to find out if your top concert venue made our list because here is our ultimate lineup for the best (& hottest) stages in LA.

1. SoFi Stadium 

Consider this stadium the crème de la crème. The multi-billion dollar SoFi Stadium, which holds over 70,000 people, has made a HUGE impression on the LA scene. This summer, super pop stars like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are about to blow the TV roof off of this stadium. SoFi sits across from The Kia Forum and has hosted outrageous concerts, shows like Wrestle Mania, historic sports events, like The Superbowl, and will be the place for the Olympic Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies in 2028.

2. Arena 

Now this arena is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in the middle of all the crazy chaos you are to be sure to have a blast. If you want to check out any kind of major sports event or known music artists, chances are that you will mostly likely be attending the Arena (formerly the Staples Center). It’s home to the LA Lakers and LA Kings, making this place a beloved LA landmark. The Grammy’s has been hosted here multiple times, and big-name musicians like Ariana Grande, BTS, and Drake (he will also be here August 22nd) have all performed here. After attending any event in this venue, be sure to check out all the hot restaurants and bars that surround the area to continue the high-energy vibes of the night.

3. The Hollywood Bowl 

The Hollywood Bowl is known to be one of the oldest and largest outdoor concert venues in the United States. This classic venue that has been around since 1922 and has been the home to legendary concerts from artists like the Beatles and Adele. Its unique set-up is what makes it truly unforgettable. Can you think of a better place that has a gorgeous view of the Hollywood Hills?  This venue has hosted many events, including an LA favorite – the annual summer nights concert series with the LA Philharmonic. The orchestra will play along to movie screenings and host epic performances too. Kali Uchis will also be performing here for the first time in a sold-out show on September 22nd.

4. The Kia Forum 

So Harry’s house… oops! We meant the Kia Forum, formerly known as The Forum, used to be the home to the Los Angeles Kings and the LA Lakers. It underwent a major update in 2014 and was intended for it to become a premier concert and entertainment venue where events like the MTV Video Music Awards and the KIIS-FM Jingle Ball can have a home. Also, major artists like Harry Styles, Lizzo and Sam Smith ( who will be here August 31st ) have preferred to perform here too. We love it because the venue is so intimate every seat is the best seat in the house. 

5. The Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre will have you feel as if you were transported to Ancient Greece with its distinctive stage design and stone seating. It’s one of the oldest venues in the city of Los Angeles and is registered as a historic landmark. The venue is surrounded by the scenic background of Griffith Park, which makes the whole concert venue feel very intimate whenever an artist performs there. Many musical events occur here, like theater productions, festivals, and concerts. Artists like Olivia Rodrigo performed here when she kicked off her very first USA tour in 2022 and will soon have Darius Rucker and Aly &Aj perform here this August and September. 

Alright, now, since we have conquered the coolest concert stages in LA, there is more to see and do. Check out our list of what to do this August.