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Top 3 Reasons Why Every LA Girl Should Support Keen’s #LiveMonumental Campaign

As an avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, I strive to support campaigns that will preserve nature and protect the environment. So when I found out about Keen’s #LiveMonumental campaign, I was more than happy to spread the word.

KEEN’s Live Monumental campaign seeks to create lasting change and raise awareness for public lands and national monuments in the US. It advocates for the protection of 3 million acres of public lands in 5 proposed national monuments (that’s roughly half the size of Massachusetts). KEEN aims to collect more than 100,000 petition signatures along the road trip in a yellow 1976 KEEN RV and personally deliver them to the Obama Administration in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 23.

Getting the wheels rolling in KEEN’s hometown of Portland, OR, the RV will make its way down the west coast, across the Rockies, through the Midwest, and onward to the east coast and DC. Along the way, they’ll stop in towns and cities to meet with local policy makers, retail partners, reps, and the local community to raise awareness and gather signatures. The public lands that Live Monumental is trying to protect are: Mojave Desert, CA; Owyhee Canyonlands, OR; Birthplace of Rivers, WV; Boulder-White Clouds, ID; and Gold Butte, NV.

So why should you support this movement?

Boulder White Clouds

1. You love the outdoors.

Gold Butte

2. You care about the environment.

Birthplace of Rivers

3. You will do what you can to protect nature. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign the petition now or click here more information about KEEN’s #LiveMonumental Campaign.

About KEEN

KEEN is a shoe manufacturing company founded in California in 2003 by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst. They have expanded to clothing and accessories and is now based in Portland Oregon.

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