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6 Reasons Why Every LA Girl Should Just Float

Just Float - Woman Floating in a Pool

As an extremely busy person, I’m always looking for ways to unplug and get centered. That’s when I discovered Just Float. What exactly is this floating phenomenon? According to their website, “Imagine a really large private bathtub with less than a foot of warm water in it. The water contains so much Epsom salt, you float effortlessly. Each suite is also soundproof, and if you choose to turn the light off, completely dark. This distraction-free environment is the antidote to modern living.” So here are six reasons why every LA Girl should just float!

Improves Sleep

Insomnia comes in many forms but it’s never a welcome visitor to your bed. Floating for just 2 hours a week or 2 weeks has been shown to improve insomnia symptoms for 12 weeks. Begin a one-a-week float habit and start sleeping better!

Change Bad Habits

Maybe you smoke or habitually consume multiple boxes of cookies. No judgement but if you’re interested in slaying some of your dragons, floating can help. Studies find an improved connection between consciousness and physiology through regular floating. Individuals who float are able to bring more awareness to their choices and how those choices affect how they physically feel.

Meditate Without Practicing

Meditation is good for us but many are intimidated by the idea of practicing regularly to reap its rewards. Studies show that people who float often times achieve many of the same benefits of meditation with a fraction of the effort. Just lay down and float, it’s that simple!

Escape Traffic and Achieve Solitude

Numerous studies have shown floatation therapy to be an incredibly effective and accessible way to reduce many symptoms of stress. Participants in studies experienced elevated moods, better sleep, reduced cortisol levels and lower blood pressure. Stress makes life harder, floating is an easy solution!


Enhance your creativity

Floating has been shown to invigorate creative thinking and problem solving and increase energy. Whether you want to improve the quality of your artistic pursuits or just perform better work, enhanced creativity is just a float away.

Love Thyself

Adding float therapy to your “to-do’s” gives much-needed self care and “me time” to refresh yourselves for an hour and re-set your mind, sooth your soul and emerge renewed.


About Just Float
Just Float is committed to promoting wellness, peace and healing through floatation therapy. It is our mission to create a safe, enriching sanctuary for people who seek to unplug, refresh and center themselves. We believe the opportunity to float in a warm, weightless, quiet environment is a gift to humanity. Our center will always be a clean, inviting and hopeful expression of this gift.