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Our 2024 INS & OUTS W/ Editor-In-Chief Erika De La Cruz

ICYMI – the INS & OUTS TikTok trend is 2024’s New Year’s resolution how-to. The concept is pretty simple. What are you bringing into 2024 and what are you releasing? Some people have gone deep with their INS & OUTS hash tagging wellness, affirmations and gratitude for their 2024 attraction points and releasing negativity, gossip & even those Erewhon price tag complaints. Others have gone physical with their INS & OUTS. They’ve declared they’ll be swapping long layers for long bob haircuts or sodas for sparkling waters. No matter what they are, we are 100% behind this trend. What better way to stay accountable to your followers. Keep calm boo, because we just know you’re on the edge of your seat trying to figure our 2024 INS & OUTS. Well, here they are! We chatted with our Editor-In-Chief, Erika De La Cruz, to get the full scoop. Pretty sure you’ll be yelling out SAME!

In: Cozy Lounge Sets 

Out: Tight Lulu’s

Throwing on a pair of sleek black leggings will just be for the gym in 2024. Wearing a cozy lounge set at home is IN and tight leggings are OUT. Ok, so back in 2012, we didn’t know any better. We thought relaxation mode meant wearing tight leggings from Lululemon ( I mean you really can’t beat that compression). But times have changed. We’ve elevated to rocking comfy, soft and still fashionable lounge wear sets to do all the daily things. Erika loves her cozies and adores this set by Greylin. This fashion brand is on the pulse of comfortable stylish pieces for everyone which is why love them. They’re also offering our readers an online discount with the code: LAGIRL20.

In: Chic Artistic Mugs 

Out: Cartoon Quote Mugs

Enjoying a cup of coffee is Erika’s FAV, but she’s planning on filling her cabinets with aesthically pleasing mugs . Yup, chic, quality and artistic mugs are IN while cartoony message mugs are OUT. And instead of going out every morning to a coffee shop to get an $8 latte, change it up a few times (yes we said few because us LA girlies love the LA coffee scene), stay home with this IN: Mindfully prep your own morning, noon and/or night beverage.

In: Fashion Authenticity & Personal Style

Out: Fast Fashion & “Trends”

Wearing what’s authentic to your personal style as a staple is an IN for us. The most gorgeous confidence you can exude is wearing what is true to you. This can be a mantra that can apply to all areas like fashion, beauty, and even lifestyle. Erika just discovered Marrin Costello and her jewelry line that’s all about  authenticity. She creates attainable quality pieces to help people feel fearless, fabulous, and like the best versions of themselves. Erika is planning a Marrin Costello give away on IG, so stay tuned for it. As for Erika’s OUT? She’s releasing “…buying quick pieces, or re-purchasing items that are already in her closet just to to re-create the latest TikTok fashion trend.”

In: Spa Day, Massage Splurges 

Out: Impulse Shopping Splurges

For 2024, Spa day splurges are IN and impulsive online shopping splurges are OUT. Yup, spoiling ourselves with self care is the theme for this year. Getting in a full spa day sprinkled with massages, relaxation in eucalyptus and lavender air filled rooms, and plunges in whirlpools will reinvigorate your mind and body for the next’s day’s work load. Pro Tip: Schedule your spa days ahead of time to look forward to them. We suggest 3 full spa days a year will do the trick. If you need a suggestion on one of LA’s best day spa,  check out this one in Larchmont.

Now don’t get us wrong, we LOVE to shop. But we’re planing to swap the impulsive for intentional. While in Mexico this fall, Erika discovered a jewelry brand – Burak – that creates unique one of a kind pieces from sound. If you really want to wear your intentions on your sleeve for 2024, this is a great way to do it.

In: Dinner Parties

Out: Party Buses

Getting any group together for an outing in LA is an accomplishment worth celebrating. The feeling late last year was more group gatherings in cool, intelligent and impressive settings (aka more dinner parties like this one). In 2024, Erika is planning on doing a lot more of them. So consider cozy dim lit dinner parties, group retreats to exotic locations and game nights with coupled up friends a major IN and party bus rentals, pub crawls and clubbing OUT. 

There are so many cool hip spots to host a dinner party in LA. If you can book out an entire rooftop, seriously go for it. Above the Kimpton Hotel Wilshire, there is a restaurant – Videre– and it can satisfy all the LA vibes. It has breathtaking views of the LA skyline, a delicious menu, and an irresistible craft cocktail selection. The rooftop oasis is the perfect collage of the Hollywood hills and the city skyline which allows  your group to dine while immersed in the iconic beauty of Los Angeles.

Plus, can’t we all agree that it’s pretty nice to not have to go overboard on the makeup just to get in a club, am I right? The minimalistic (but chic!) approach to beauty is so IN too. If you don’t know where to begin your effortless beauty look, try Benefit. We’ve always loved their feel good beauty products that give just the right amount of color and dimension (obvi they’re known for making brows beautiful and defined). Give us more Benetint in 2024, just saying!

In: Spiritual Personal Growth Books

Out: Rigid Step by Step Methods 

This year, our OUT is shelving every preachy self help book that has certain formulas and restrictions that are catered to really a small percentage of the population. Instead, we’re bringing IN more spiritual based self help books ( no matter what calling it is) that actually work to guide us in our own truths. We love that these types of books can help us interpret certain situations or advice that is applicable to our personal lives. We’ve listed some favorites below. And if you want to up level your read, wear some jewels from Gemma Azzurro, who specializes in crafting gorgeous pieces based around the universal spiritual symbol – the evil eye. Erika is giving away this paper clip necklace set very soon…so stay tuned!


In: Social Media Breaks

Out: Doom Scrolling

It’s time to get your nervous system in CHECK. Always feeling anxious? Having trouble sleeping? So much of the issues our bodies face, correlate to the constant fight or flight state that “scrolling” affects puts on our physiology. Take a social media break and pick up one of the books above. Even better, challenge yourself with a phone-free day and see how far you get. Analyze how you feel after you’ve gone a little too far in your scroll, is it positive or on edge? Everything in this world has a better place in our lives, when put into balance.

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