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10 Travel Tips on How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

I just got back from my honeymoon a few weeks ago and it was really hard to stick to a routine during my trip! There were some days where my husband and I went hiking and fitness was built into the day’s schedule, but other times, I found it nearly impossible to work out and stay healthy.

When you’re busy exploring the city, you’re usually tired at the end of the day or forget to do the things you normally would when you’re at home. Here are 10 travel tips on how to stay healthy while traveling to help you out on your next trip!

Walk or bike instead

It’s tempting to want to take the cute cabs or the train just to experience it, but once you’ve had enough, opt to walk or bike instead. Walking will be a fun way to explore a new destination and you might discover some local spots that weren’t on the guide.

Biking is also a great way to get some exercise and still do some sightseeing! I highly recommend taking a Fat Tires bike tour in the gardens of Versailles while you’re in Paris, it was an amazing experience!

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling - Biking in Versailles

Wake up early and do yoga

I know it’s hard to get up early when you’re traveling, but at least try! Set your alarm for 30 minutes to an hour before you have to get up and do some yoga. You’ll get to stretch out your body from all the sightseeing and you’ll start the day refreshed and fully awake!

Don’t forget your supplements 

Sometimes when we travel, nutrition becomes a secondary priority! Make sure you do everything you can to not let this happen. Make sure to bring all your medications, vitamins, and supplements to keep yourself healthy. Many travelers find themselves feeling weak and lethargic because they forget to bring their supplements.

When I was traveling on my honeymoon, I made sure to bring my Vital Proteins marine collagen. It offers anti-aging benefits for hair, skin and nails and supports bone and joint health. I’ve been mixing it into my hot drinks for the past 3 months and I can feel a significant difference. I wasn’t about to stop just because I was going on a three week honeymoon!

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling - Vital Proteins

Stretch it out 

While you’re out and about, don’t forget to simply stretch. It might be awkward but your sore muscles will thank you. I always make it a point to stretch after a long flight. You can find me in the airport stretching at one of the gates. Try some in-flight exercises on the plane too!

Sneak in a hike or two 

If you’re like me and you love to hike, find a way to incorporate it into your travel schedule! When we went to Scotland, I knew I wanted to hike the popular Arthur’s seat to get a great view of Edinburgh. Usually the popular hiking spots are where you can get a fantastic view of the beach or city (this is true in LA)!

Some of my trips, like when I went to Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail, are hiking trips where I’m hiking anywhere from 5-20 miles a day. In these cases, you won’t have to sneak a hike in, instead stretch it out, a lot!



Traveling can be really stressful on the body and the mind, so try to reserve a few minutes a day for meditation. This can be done while you’re on the plane, on the bus, or right when you get up or before you go to sleep. You can even listen to some guided meditations on Spotify and download them into your phone before your trip, so that you have them handy whenever you just need to ease the anxiety and stress.

Take some fruit

Unless you’re taking a trip to the market or grocery store, it’s easy to forget to eat some fruit. Many cities have farmer’s markets that you can visit or something I do is I take the fruit to-go from the breakfast buffet. I know, I know, it might be a little frowned upon but they’ll be jealous later on when you have something fresh to eat and snack on while you’re out and about.

Bring a water bottle

Hydration can be tricky when you’re traveling and you could spend a lot of money buying bottled water at the airport. Always bring a refillable water bottle when you travel so that you can always fill up and have water whenever you need it. I find that most hotels and restaurants will have water for you to refill it with.

Get some sleep 

I know you’re excited and it can be so tempting to spend your nights exploring the city. But you really need to get some sleep! The effects of not getting enough sleep include impaired attention and memory, a higher risk of accidents, and can lead to other chronic diseases.

Not to be a downer, but as much as you want to party all night long when you’re traveling, make sure you catch some winks on the plane or whenever you can! You don’t want to look puffy-eyed and tired in your Instagram photos, do you?

This post is sponsored by Vital Proteins. All opinions are my own. Thank you to my incredible sponsors for supporting my blog!