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8 Healthy Girl Party Ideas

Let’s throw a party shall we? Here are some things I wish my mother would have taught me (LOL). If you’re thinking abut hosting some guests for brunch, lunch, or dinner I have a few easy, chic, and fabulous tips to get you started. Consider me your”big sister” to tell you all about the cool and also healthy things to do when you’ve got guests over. Yup, you don’t have to have booze to have a good time. Brunch with friends can be a total sober soirée. Get ready for a PARTY 1-0-1…because here’s 8 healthy girl party ideas to get your friends to RSVP.

1. Be The Home-MAKER, But Not Alone

Baking cakes are not really my thing, but baking a cake together while your friends are over is so so FUN! For the record, I am a boxed cakes kinda gal. So don’t thinking I’m a “make it from scratch kinda house wife” lol…. yeah haven’t quite mastered that, but I love decorating a good cake. To elevate it to a high and chic level – instead of using sprinkles, I’m decided to use edible floral sprinkles for my baking this spring. 



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2. The MEAL, Make it, But Not Alone

Cuz WELLNESS. Catering or ordering in, or the obvi -doing it yourself – is so on the OUT. Instead enlist your guests to cook with you! Grab the groceries and let the group have fun in the kitchen. This is thee activity behind your get together and no one is gonna say NO! Take food allergy requests, dietary restrictions before hand and create a loose menu int he group thread. This takes all the pressure OFF you to deliver a well balanced meal yourself.

3. THEMED Fits

The obvious is to have everyone in matching PJ’s or labeled Tees for bachelorette/bridal parties etc. (especially if you’re doing the brunch at-home route) for your group…but what I can never resist a cozy sweater. So for my guests, I thought of shopping for matching cozy sweaters/sweatshirts in similar shades to make it fun and festive, but not too cheesy lol. Marshalls or even lululemon have great options. Trust me,  your pictures will say Thank You


4. Brunch PRE-GAME

Instead of Mimosas or Jellow shots, I wanted to go the hydration route and put together an an array of hydration electrolytes to choose from. I also had some cute water bottles on hand for my guests (I got these Hydraflow usually $25 bottles for $4.99 from Marshalls, just go find cute well-made/on-brand, accessories to add to your party there, you’ll thank yourself later!) and made everything really aesthetically beautiful with this must-have: cute ice tray. Yasss! If you invest in one cute ice tray you can worry less about having to buy cute cups or glasses. Ice cube trays will turn an ordinary drink into an extraordinary!  Pro-Tip: Pop a raspberry in ANYTHING and it will give you color without flavoring the water.

5. Chic Plate Settings

I couldn’t believe that I found the most affordable and adorable plates at  Zara Mexico (the Home store.) Wow! They have some amazing china patterns to choose from and they are so accessible. Trust me once you browse their home section, you wont be able to stop! Chic plate settings like these are the #1 reason to host a brunch with friends.

6. Sock Surprise Party Favor

Instead if going out to da-club. This wellness brunch is packed with cozying up by the fire or on the couch for some post-brunch conversation. Who doesn’t love a pair of fun socks! Head to Amazon and buy a 6-pack or 8-pack  of cozy socks and pop them into a tray or welcome-bowl for your guests. Double points if you find socks that match the aesthetics of your place settings!


Beer Pong is out…hydration pong is in. I used to love to play this game in college (sometimes without the beer) and its just as effective to play with water in those glasses. It’s all about the game anyway am I right? Used flavored water packets to mix things up and keep guest guessing. Also lose those red solo cups and find cups that match the aesthetics of your place settings.

8.  QUICK Conversation Cards

Conversation cards can help any kind of party from losing its momentum. I love cards  with questions that strike up meaningful talks around the table. If you don’t want to buy them make them yourself. I made some using some old wallpaper I found and wrote down questions that I knew I wanted some answers to. There are no wrong questions here or wrong paper either.

There ya have it! I hope these tips will help you plan your next brunch with your boo’s. And if you need some tips on how to have a cozy coffee station see my ideas here. And see more of my brunch below:


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