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Become Your Own Barista with The 5 Best Home Coffee Machines

Love coffee, but want to save time, money, and maybe just a little bit of energy? We hear ya! Don’t get us wrong… walking over to Alfred’s, Verve, or Maru Coffee turns out to be one of our best days of the week. But building our own coffee station (with some of the best home coffee roasting machines), crafting it to become our own coffee shop, and making our signature cup every morning sounds like it can easily become one of the best parts of our daily routine. Thanks to a little technology & years of innovation, there are currently great options for at home coffee roasting machines which can be a great investment for coffee fanatics. So become your own at home barista with our recommendations for the best coffee makers on the market to enjoy your morning cup of joe.

To get you started and before you start deciding on your next great coffee maker, our EIC, Erika De La Cruz, has truly become her own barista and has built herself quite the coffee nook that is giving us major inspo. Details are everything (& you can never have too many coffee essentials) and she has some awesome tips to have right next too your machine. Check them out below.


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Price: $348

Dedicated to sustainability and nurturing natural resources, BRUVI  has a coffee brewer that embodies an ethos of mindful consumption and is pretty tech savvy too. It has the capacity to brew more coffee (up to 40% more) than standard coffee pods, a 20-stream saturation system, and a mobile app for scheduling brewing sessions remotely. You can also indulge in a diverse selection of BRUVI’s own coffee pods called “b-pods”, ranging from rich coffee and smooth espresso to comforting tea and tantalizing infused coffee creations. Currently, there are three enticing BRUVI home coffee makers available that include “The Bruvi Bundle in Black,” on sale for $348 at the moment, the charming “Bruvi Bundle” in a delightful cream and sugar hue, also priced at $348. Each bundle includes 20 b-pods, a reusable Japanese knot bag for sustainability, and a premium water filter, ensuring every sip is not only delicious but also environmentally conscious.


Price: $259-$745

Ratio Coffee Machines, straight out of Portland, Oregon, isn’t your average coffee maker. These coffee roasting machines are crafted with top-notch materials like stainless steel and borosilicate glass, with a BPA-free water tank thrown in for good measure. Now, let’s talk options. There are four fantastic machines to choose from. First, the Ratio Four Coffee Machine, a steal at $175. Or maybe you’re eyeing the Ratio Six Coffee Machine, priced at $285 for some serious java game. Feeling fancy? Treat yourself to the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine, complete with a sleek glass carafe, priced at $645. And for those who demand durability without sacrificing style, there’s the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine – Thermal Set, priced at $745. And Ratio isn’t just about making great coffee; they’re also all about sustainability. Take their Ratio Eight machine, for example—it’s built tough with die-cast aluminum which reduces plastic use while still delivering top-notch performance. So, whether you’re a seasoned barista or just dipping your toes into the coffee scene, Ratio has something for everyone. And hey, while you’re browsing their site, why not check out their espresso machines and cool accessories like coffee filters, grinders, and rad mugs. 


Price: $250-$395

Prepare to elevate your coffee experience with Moccamaster’s stunning array of meticulously crafted coffee brewers.  From the elegance of glass carafe brewers to the unparalleled performance of thermal carafe coffee brewers, there’s a perfect fit for every coffee connoisseur. Dive into their collections, featuring the sleek cup-one brewers for individual indulgence or the robust office coffee brewers designed to keep the caffeine flowing in the workplace. Their coffee roasting machines are double-walled stainless steel for the ultimate thermal experience,  plus they are pod-free. Moccamaster also uses BPA, BPS, BPF, and phthalate-free products, and promotes sustainability in their brand.  range from an affordable $250 for the cup-one brewer to $395 for the grand Moccamaster CDT, making exceptional coffee accessible to all.

Terra Kaffe

Price: $895

Terra Kaffe’s TK-01 super automatic espresso machine is a bit pricier at but may be worth it depending on your budget. This coffee machine has a no pod use, but instead prides itself on grinding fresh whole beans or using  pre-ground coffee. Some features incorporated into the machine include a warming tray for your drink, milk frothing knob, replaceable drip tray, 5-inch touchscreen, and 16 oz hopper (place for the bag of beans ). Modern, convenient, and luxurious, this is a great option in becoming your own barista at home. It’s available to purchase online and includes coffee, gifts, and accessories.


Price: $89-$199

Braun Coffee Machines offer  great selections with 7 coffee maker options, and 8 multi-serve coffee options. Visually modern and eye-catching these machines offer a luxury look and feel to go along with affordability. Options for their machines include a touch screen maker, drip coffee makers, and multi-serve stainless steel options which include hot water dispenser, and customizable options to make your coffee the way you like it.

If you’re curious about coffee shops in LA, check out our piece on La La Land Kind Cafe here.