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Do THIS Before That: Best Morning Routine

-Have a glass of WATER, before putting coffee into your system. 

I love my cup of joe, I mean, i REALLY love it. But, I’ve kicked the habit of putting it into my body before the H20 to feed my body what it’s made of. Hydrating it before caffeinating it, sets physical priorities into motion. Other drink options celebrated are celery juice, then water, then coffee– I personally tried this and my recommendation is to at least try it once for one week. My body was like “thank you” and felt totally cleared out. My hubby did it too and his knee inflammation noticeably decreased by running the juice through his system prior to any other liquid in the day. More on that HERE. I’ve heard wonderful things about adding lemon to your water each morning, using Cacao as a natural energy booster, or Matcha as a coffee substitute too. Try em!

-Tend to YOU, before tending to your work.

(But, REALLY) do not even think about opening your email if you haven’t had a moment to (and for) yourself. This is as easy as drinking your coffee without anything by your side, looking out a window, thinking of all you’re grateful for or making a gratitude list. Creating a habit of checking in with yourself prior to beginning your work, tells your nervous system that you can ease into a flow-filled day, rather than putting it into fight or flight by diving from bed into your inbox. (Hint: this will allow for anxiety reduction.)

-Go for the FEELS, before the Phone.

Even though we’re in 2021 and it is common knowledge that phone & feed activity activate (rather than calm) the mind, I still meet people who keep their phones on their bedside table!!! (It’s mind blowing.) Not only is this prompting you to wake up and immediately open it, but it could also be why you’re having trouble sleeping. I personally went through a sleep deprivation that required hospitalization and realized that stimuli like feeds right before bed, or even action movies (for me) were not setting me up for success! People pleasing, pressure and too many yes’s were another cause, but that’s for another list. 🙂 I made drastic changes to my nightly routine, which I found also served my mornings and I’m able to get the best sleep now. If you’re thinking, “but my alarm clock”- GURL, you can order an alarm clock from amazon. You can google other ways to wake up, I have faith in you. Set yourself up for success in the a.m. by beginning your day with content or practice to make you FEEL your best before turning on your phone. Some of my favorites are gratitude journals, affirmations, meditations, listening/reading personal development content or watching mentors.

-Create a TO-BE list, before a to-do list.

Typically, who a person is being is a result of a reaction to what is occurring. But that…is BASIC and we are exceptional. Exceptional people create who they’re going to be in the face of whatever occurs. An example? Today, I am being: free, at ease and grateful. The same way you don’t get everything done on your to-do list is the same way that you might fall out of this way of being through out the day, but declaring it daily (and committing) means that you now have a north star to remind you of who your true intentions are calling you to show up as. The BEST you!