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10 Places in LA To Have The Perfect Day Date

LA is full of endless opportunities for exploration and ways to spend the day with someone you love or just swiped right on Bumble. From scenic hikes to exploring world-class museums, hitting up a movie, or indulging in delectable cuisine, Los Angeles has something for everyone and for every mood. So if you’re an LA local or first time visitor, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something her to help you discover a new activity to connect with your bae or boo during the day. Because let’s face it, connection doesn’t always have to happen over cocktails. Here’s how to spend the perfect day date in LA.

1. Take a Pottery Class

If you and your bae aren’t afraid of getting your hands a little dirty then get in touch with your creative side at a clay sculpting and pottery class.Try out an intro class at Clay Play & Arts where you can each throw and mold your very own bowl or cup and pick out a glaze color for your unique piece. TBH you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the scene  from the 90’s film Ghost. So, unleash your inner artist and start creating memories and masterpieces by experiencing the magic of creating something of your own that you can admire for years to come.

2. Try Candle Making

We all light them but you can make them too! Sign up for a candle-making class at Banter & Bliss Candle Co. with your boo and create the perfect scent to describe your love. The two of you can learn about waxes and wicks for your custom candle and blend the scent that is just right for you or even make a candle for your partner and trade them at the end of the class. This experience will leave you with not just a memory but a souvenir too so start to light up your love story one candle at a time.

3. Take a Cooking Class

Spice up your date life by kicking up the heat together in a cooking class. This is perfect for the foodie couple. You can wear matching aprons and try learning a new culinary dish that both of you can make at home once the date is over. Sur La Table offers everything from a bourbon steak dinner to an evening meal in Thailand and an autumn meal in Italy. If you and your number one want to grow your culinary skills but have a sweet tooth instead of a savory one, try out one of their baking classes too.

4. Rent a Boat

Set sail to an unforgettable day of romance by renting a boat in Marina Del Ray. Whether you opt for a kayak, Duffy boat, sailboat, or even a power boat, you’ll be creating waves of moments together. Rent anywhere from 1 to 8 hours and create timeless memories in the glittering Pacific. Bask in the sun, share some laughs, and maybe even enjoy a romantic meal for the perfect relaxing and exhilarating day that captures your love.

5. Go on a Mystery Picnic

AmazingCo. offers a mystery picnic that’s sure to fill your day with fun and new adventures. Pick a general experience based on the location and let the scavenger hunt begin with clues to help you explore the region. You’ll collect ingredients for your picnic once you reach your final destination then together you can savor delicious bites and sip on chilled beverages while sharing stories and reconnecting under the open sky and California sun.

6. Overlook the City at The Griffith Observatory

Enjoy a simple and sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city at the Griffith Observatory. View the city we all know and love while exploring the wonders of the universe through telescopes and scenic paths. If you stay long enough, the two of you can catch a glimpse of the stars and even try and find one to name as your own. This daytime date is truly out of this world and will leave your hearts a little fuller and your heads a little higher.

7. Hike a New Spot

For the outdoorsy couple, go out and hike a new spot. Whether it’s Runyon Canyon, Escondido Falls, Solstice Canyon, or  Mt. Hollywood Trail,  this is a great way to reach a new peak in your relationship. The breathtaking views,  soothing sounds of nature,  and the thrill of exploration could connect you more as a couple than ever before. A hike in LA is perfect for finding hidden gems along the trail while strolling hand in hand.

8. Check out a New Museum and Grab Some Food

Hit up a new museum and learn more about the incredible places filling up our favorite city of angels. The Petersen Automotive Museum has 40 different vehicles and 75 years worth of incredible stories presented by Porsche, while the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Beverly Hills offers everything regarding the history, science, cultural impact, and artists of moviemaking within the film industry.  From there, walk a few blocks to a restaurant in Little Ethiopia. Some of our favorites are Rosalind’s Ethiopian Restaurant, Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant & Market, Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant, and Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant. If you’re looking for more of a modern art museum, stop by the Mr.Brainwash Art Museum, a pop-up exhibit with pieces that are larger than life featuring a blend of pop and street art alongside various sculptures.

9. Admire Animals at The LA Zoo

Unleash your romantic wild side or your whimsical one by visiting the Los Angeles Zoo. Travel through jungles, savannas, and forests right in the heart of the city as you see over 1,400 animal species. Spot everything from playful monkeys to elegant elephants and hold hands throughout each exhibit while finding your couple’s spirit animal. If the two of you are still looking for some beautiful scenery, stop by the Botanical Gardens and roam through scenic routes of exotic blooms, tranquil ponds, and romantic hidden nooks. This day date is the perfect balance of exciting animals and relaxing one-on-one moments.

Image by Los Angeles Zoo

10. Stop by The Santa Monica Pier and 3rd Street Promenade

The Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade has so much to offer for a day date. Play boardwalk games like ringtoss and basketball to win a stuffed prize you and your bae can name together. Feel free to take your new friend on the roller coaster or get a view of the fabulous LA coastline at the top of the Ferris wheel. Indulge in sweet treats like funnel cake or Dippin’ Dots while you walk around the pier or stroll along the sandy shores of the beach below. If you’re in the mood for more of a meal, walk on over (about 3 or 4 blocks) to the Third Street Promenade and grab a bite at one of their delectable indoor-outdoor cafes and restaurants. Enjoy listening to and watching live street performances as the two of you share laughs and unforgettable moments. Then finish up your day by exploring the boutiques and shops that line the bustling street. It may inspire you both to find a new couple’s fit.

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