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8 Romantic Date Night Ideas in LA

With so much to offer, Los Angeles is a prime spot to go to on a date. But where? Yup, we get it, making that decision on where exactly to have the best date night can set off some major anxiety and overwhelming vibes. So let’s take the stress away and show you how to have the best romantic date night ever in LA. We’ve got the scoop on where to entertain a first date, freshen up date night for all you married couples out there, and where long time daters to add more spark to your LA love story. So whether you’re a local or just visiting, here are 8 Romantic Date Night ideas in LA.

1. Go on a Coffee Date 

Coffee dates are perfect date night no brainers and a classic low pressure option. It’s also an opportunity to really get deep with someone in a relaxed and comfy setting. We like Intelligentsia Coffee. They have multiple locations throughout LA, but we love the SIlverlake location with its indoor/outdoor feel. The minimalist aesthetic, high quality coffee and delicious pastries make it the perfect spot for a casual or intimate coffee date.


2. Ride Swan Boats in Echo Park 

Dinner and a movie can be fun, but sometimes you want to think outside the box for date night. Echo Park offers a way to do just that! Taking a cozy swan boat ride is one of LA’s most romantic date ideas. Picture cuddling up to your significant other as you paddle around the lake in a lit-up swan pedal boat. The lights from the city skyline will also reflect onto the lake and makes an incredible, magical and romantic backdrop. There are also local street vendors and a cafe to get a bite to eat before or after your paddle. Snack as you stroll around the park, feed turtles and ducks at the pond, and take in the fantastic sights of the city.

Pro Tip: You can eat & drink as you paddle around the lake, but your beverages must be non-alcoholic. 

3. Visit The Last Bookstore Downtown 

For bookworms and bibliophiles, The Last Bookstore has rooms and shelves lined with books on two stories and is filled with couches and other spaces for intimate conversations. From fantasy to non-fiction, this bookstore offers a myriad of ways to connect with a date and share interests and beliefs. Fun fact: this is the largest and oldest bookstore in Los Angeles and they have merch, vinyl and gifts for purchase. So even if the date isn’t great, it won’t be a total loss if you happen to pick up a souvenir. The Last Bookstore occasionally hosts weddings too, in case you want to see what the future might hold!

4. Bike Along The Strand 

The Marvin Braude Bike Trail, aka The Strand, offers a unique date experience in LA. If you’re feeling adventurous and have the time, you can bike from the Pacific Palisades down the coast to Torrance and pull over for seafood or to take in the gorgeous views. The bike path is about 22 miles long and traces the coastline of LA. A date nigh, or day date in this. case, might include biking leisurely along the coast than taking breaks to chat or walk along the ocean. You’ll feel. good on this date because not only does biking provide a myriad of health benefits, but it can be an excellent opportunity to bond with your partner.  You can also pass through the lovely Venice Boardwalk and stop for food and drinks at Marina del Rey. The Santa Monica Pier, which is a great place to start your bike ride, is also gorgeous at night. 

5.  The Boardwalk at Santa Monica Pier 

Speaking of Santa Monica. The Boardwalk at Santa Monica Pier is unmatched when it comes to romantic date ideas in LA. While locals have probably been at least once, taking someone special for a stroll on the boardwalk is always a unique experience. The crowds of people that flock to this popular destination agree that it makes a fabulous choice for a first date. You can watch the sunset with an ocean view atop the iconic Ferris wheel and then take a romantic walk along the Pier. The boardwalk features games, rides and food all in one location, making it an ideal LA date destination. There’s no chance of getting bored with so many attractions and activities to explore. You can also check out the vendors along the pier’s walkway, get ice cream for dessert and browse shops for souvenirs from your date. The Pier offers an excellent backdrop for conversations, photos and even a first kiss.  

6. Explore Two Bit Circus in the Arts District 

The Arts District is a prime date spot for creative couples with its vibrant location in this spectacular city. The Arts District features galleries, hipster bars, breweries and restaurants that would make excellent date ideas in LA. The Two Bit Circus is great for showing off your competitive side and having a fun and unique experience on your date. With classic carnival games reimagined, Two Bit Circus provides virtual reality experiences, story rooms and an arcade. Get some drinks at the bar before you embark on the fun. If you can’t make it to Two Bit Circus, try heading to Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank. They have a long list of board games to challenge your date along with craft brews and vegan food. 

7. The Titanic Exhibition

If you or your date love history or are fans of the 1997 film Titanic, this exhibit is an exciting option. The ship’s interior offers an impeccable design recreation with music from the era that launches your voyage as a passenger. Taking a walk back in time can be romantic in itself, but immersing yourself in history is exhilarating. Take a journey through time to experience the love and loss felt by those who boarded the Titanic with your loved one. Share the experiences with them and imagine being passengers on the ship. This exhibit features recovered artifacts from the Titanic and interactive experiences that are educational and entertaining. It also offers a virtual reality experience that explores forensic research from the ship and its demise. 


8. Walk Among the Stars at Astra Lumina 

Speaking of a romantic evening, how would you feel about walking among the stars? Astra Lumina, an immersive experience with lights, sound and projection will make your date feel like it’s on a celestial voyage. As you walk the enchanted excursion through the botanical garden you can hold hands with your date while you connect under the stars. Looking at lights often evokes warm and fuzzy feelings around the holidays, so this is your chance to make your date a magical one on any given day of the week.

Need more ideas? Try venturing out to Chinatown and check out some of these fab places to eat!